ASID Eye on Design
Feb. 13, 2009

High-End Decor On A Low-End Budget
from Forbes
Strapped homeowners intent on sprucing up their spaces are saying goodbye to marble backsplashes and luxurious spa baths and opting for less-expensive materials and furnishings instead. The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies' Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity estimates that spending on home improvement will fall by an annual rate of 12.1 percent by the third quarter of 2009, to $110 billion. That's a drop of over 25 percent since the 2007 peak. More

Obama Administration Delays Implementation of New ADA Rules
from FacilitiesNet
Implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act Tile III regulations has been delayed until the Obama Administration can review the guidelines, the Department of Justice has announced. More

Hospitality Slump Will Slow Capital Improvements
from Travel and Tourism Trend
Following years of record spending levels, 2009 is forecast to be the first year since 2003 that the U.S. lodging industry will spend less on capital expenditures than the prior year. More

Google Debuts PowerMeter Energy Monitoring Tool
from Inhabitat
The application will collect information from utility meters and energy monitors and provide easy access to energy statistics right from an iGoogle homepage. More

Home Builders May Lose Gains in Final Stimulus Compromise Bill
from Builder Magazine
A deal was reached in Congress on the economic stimulus plan, with the bill ending up at a total of around $789 billion. The bill, a compromise hammered out by both houses, looks as if it may contain some disappointing news for home builders. Sources on Capitol Hill say that the tax credit for home buyers that had been substantially increased in the Senate’s bill may have been scaled back to the original House version. The proposed final version of the credit remains at $8,000 and will be available only to first-time buyers. It will be a true credit, though, and will not have to be repaid. More

Water Heating Costs in Habitat Homes to Be Reduced
from Kitchen and Bath Business
RenewABILITY Energy Inc., manufacturer of the Power-Pipe Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) system, and Habitat for Humanity Canada have formed a national program that will reduce the cost of water heating by up to 40 percent in new homes built by Habitat for Humanity Canada. More

Skyscraper Curse Serves as Intriguing Economic Indicator
from Building Design & Construction
The human propensity for architectural overreach has been a surprisingly reliable, if unscientific, omen of financial crises. Why wasn’t anyone paying attention to the signs? More

Hot Trends Consider Mother Nature
from Calgary Herald
A beautiful home exterior is desirable, sure, but just as with people, it's what's inside that counts most. And what counts inside these days includes using environmentally conscious materials, and choosing a few areas of the home to pop with colour and uniqueness in what can often be a neutral sea. More