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Chicago's premier drapery workroom and interior design resource center. MORE

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Design for the Whole Human Experience
ASID EVP/CEO Randy Fiser writes, "We work hard to advance the interior design profession, as well as the success of our members . . . to this end, we provide professional development and educational resources, as well as leadership opportunities. For many of our members, building networks is key. And as the design industry evolves, so does our commitment to meet the changing needs and values of our professional members."
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Nominate a Colleague for the ASID Design Awards!
Now is your opportunity to nominate an organization or colleague who has made significant contributions toward the advancement of the interior design profession, while exemplifying a commitment to enhancing the quality of life. To nominate someone for an ASID Design Award, complete a nomination form and email to by Jan. 20.
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Last Chance to Register for the ASID Legislative Symposium!
Register by Jan. 9 for the 2013 ASID Legislative Symposium, Feb. 1–3, in Dallas. Symposium attendees will earn seven IDCEC-approved CEU credits. Don't miss your chance to learn how the legislative process works and exchange best practices with colleagues. Click here to view the full agenda and to register.
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Mark Your Calendars: Join ASID at NeoCon and Dwell on Design
Save the date for two not-to-be-missed events from ASID this summer: ASID@NeoCon in Chicago, June 10–12 and ASID@Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, June 21–23. Stay tuned to for more information in the coming months!
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Check Out the New
We are excited to start 2013 with the launch of a new and improved to provide you the tools to engage with clients, expand your resources and excel in today's marketplace. Be sure to explore the redesigned site and add a headshot and contact information to your MyASID member profile so that consumers and designers can search for you!
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Increase Speech Privacy, Control Noise

Meet Dan. He’s frustrated because the conversation happening several workstations away is preventing him from concentrating. He’s like 70 percent of employees who say they would be more productive if their office was quieter. The LogiSon Acoustic Network would provide the noise control and speech privacy he needs to excel.

Credentials Count
Interiors & Sources
Titles are important in the workplace, as they help people understand what one does for work. Professional credentials, on the other hand, function in a different way: They typically indicate minimum standards of education, experience and, in some cases, examination. A credential is a "seal" that has far more meaning than a title.
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EPA Opens Comment Period on Commercial Building Lead Paint Hazards
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of determining whether renovation, repair and painting activities on public and commercial buildings create lead-based paint hazards, and has opened a comment period to allow for additional data and other information to be submitted by the public and interested stakeholders.
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Forecast Looking a Little Brighter
On the heels of an inconsistent 2012 market, remodelers are slightly more optimistic headed into 2013. The improving housing market, low interest rates, and the close of the presidential election season are some of the factors behind the optimism.
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3-D Printed Furniture Arrives
After predicting its advent, the team at heralds the arrival of 3-D printed office furniture. Design software continues to evolve, honing the ability to customize aesthetics while preserving product design features such as strength and durability.
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Current Promotions  
Affordable Moving Company      773-637-3131

85 Smarter Homes - System Integration

Electronic Architects

Is Working on Your Own Business Too Hard?
Design Biz Blueprint
Being a successful and joyful business owner requires a certain mindset to keep you focused and disciplined, but perhaps an entirely different mindset to keep you flexible, relaxed and empowered. When you are feeling overwhelmed by your work and there is just too much stuff to do, it is time to take a fresh look at what it means to own your own business.
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The Miracle of Compound Interest and Referral Sales
Compound interest — the interest calculated on both the principal and accrued interest — is one of the great wonders of the world. Customer satisfaction has a similar compounding effect on customer referral sales. The problem is, most businesses don't think about their current customers in a "compounding" comparison.
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Lumens Lighting for Trade Professionals

Become a Lumens Trade Partner today and receive exclusive trade pricing and friendly service from a dedicated Trade Services Team of lighting experts. is your resource for lighting, fans and home accessories from more than 300 fine manufacturers. Register today and receive $50 off your first order. Sign up now!

Getting the Service Right
Hospitality Interiors
It is essential to create an understanding of how service quality can be measured over the long term, to be able to provide a continuous positive experience for customers. There are eight key principles for designing service experiences, according to one consulting agency.
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Does Your Blog Need a Strategy, a Purpose, a Goal?
High Dollar Designer
Is there a way to have a blog and spend a minimum amount of time without making life as a designer more clogged with "must do's" that may or may not bring the kind of selective clients (high-end) that you want to target?
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3 key solutions

From Fortis, our 100% Italian made line, the Pfister core-product offering of complete collections or the uniquely, differentiated Pfister Custom Faucet Solution, each projects needs can be uniquely met.
New Copper Trends for You

The Renovation Collection delivers beautiful copper sinks at a remarkable value. Now you can have a luxurious bathroom or kitchen on a budget or splurge on our other collections.

Furniture Gets Sized for Smaller Spaces
Los Angeles Confidential
Starter castles, McMansions — call them what you will, in the past 20 years many homes across America were built to enormous size. But today, even affluent homebuyers are rethinking the scale of the mega-house. And a smaller footprint requires smaller furniture.
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Top 10 Home Design and Remodeling Trends for 2013
Construction Informer
It's that time of year when the predictions for the upcoming year start flowing. For remodelers and builders alike, it may be instructive to see the 2013 trends Neil Kelly Company is calling out, especially with potential game-changers like granite losing popularity. Is stainless steel also shedding its luster? Read on.
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Green Design Predictions for 2013
As we embark upon this brand new year, we do so with optimism and hope that 2013 will give rise to a better, more sustainable future. So now that the toasts have been made and "Auld Lang Syne" has come to a stop, Inhabitat is turning to some of the world's leading environmental experts and design luminaries to offer their predictions for 2013.
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MTI Baths

With its simple lines and aggressive angles, the bold and beautiful Petra freestanding tub claims the focal point of any bathroom. Handcrafted in MTI’s Engineered Solid Stone™ material, Petra is available as a soaking tub or air bath. More information.

EPA Awards Almost $700,000 to Students
As part of its People, Prosperity and the Planet annual student design competitions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is giving nearly $700,000 to 45 student teams. Under Phase 1 of the competition, each team will receive a grant totaling up to $15,000, for an overall amount of $675,000 among all teams, to be applied toward designing and developing sustainable technologies to help protect people's health and the environment.
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Custom made by some of the top seamstresses in Los Angeles, you can’t help but look good! Your custom window coverings come to life in an unheard of quick turnaround. Bring in your fabrics or order on site and we’ll handle all the details. We’re not just for motion picture anymore!

Fox Studios Drapery Dept
10201 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 369-2290
Prepare to Become an Interior Design Professional
Harrington’s Bachelor’s degree, accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, and Master’s degrees are rooted in the application and practice of interior design. Students can graduate and work not just in residential or commercial areas, but to be prepared for all types of built environments allowing them to take their professional pursuits to the next level. MORE
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Redefining the Ordinary
Interiors & Sources
While corporate interiors have increasingly moved toward the open plan and reduced their square footage as standard practice, a younger generation of workers equipped with mobile technology has been the real game-changer. The "new normal" in which we find ourselves looks a lot more like the home than the office, and traditional models for the design of corporate interiors simply aren't equipped for the new modes of work that are emerging.
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Standing Desks, Home Offices and the Future of Work
Whether we work at home or at the office, the location and way we work is less important now than the results. It is hard to adapt for workers and managers, but it's inevitable. Here is a review of some of those changes that became evident in 2012.
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Planning for Staff Traffic Management
Healthcare Design
Evidence-based design is certainly not a new concept in the healthcare industry. In fact, it is increasingly applauded for its impact on a number of key result areas: improved patient outcomes and promotion of healing; increased employee productivity and job satisfaction; and reduced operating costs and improved economic performance. What has not been as closely examined is its impact on day-to-day efficiencies such as traffic flow.
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TENCEL® absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere. The true nature of TENCEL® can be found in this perfect interaction. If that does not constitute the dawning of a new age, then what does?
We Clean Valuable Rugs

Revita is not traditional rug washing. Revita revitalizes rugs, purging them of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, stains and odors. We restore the life and vitality of your area rugs. 1-855-5-REVITA View process

Understated Luxury: Design Hotels of 2012
The year 2012 brought an influx of boutique hotels that feature stylish but homely interiors. Each of these designer destinations possess an understated luxury that makes guests feel as if they are in a more deluxe version of their own apartment.
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Patrick Norguet's Furniture Slated for McDonald's
DesignWire Daily
When you think fast food, it's most likely burgers and fries — not inventive design — that comes to mind. But McDonald's, the worldwide fast food giant, is upgrading the look of many of its European units with new outdoor furniture by French designer Patrick Norguet.
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Lighting Discounts
for Your Business
Register for a Lightology Trade Benefits Account for discounts of 40% or MORE off list price on every item PLUS $50 OFF your first order! Find top brands and exclusive imports. Register before 1/31 and get a FREE LED Flashlight/Laser Pen ($35 value). Register for a Lightology Trade Account today!
HEPA Done Right.
XLERATOR offers the only certified HEPA filtration system proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria and particulates from the air, and the only one with a washable pre-filter for reliable performance and extended filter life. XLERATOR with HEPA revolutionizes hand dryer hygiene by delivering clean, filtered, purified air efficiently. MORE
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