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Better by Design: Shared Spaces
A new breed of architects, designers, urban planners and other creative types are reimagining the shared spaces we encounter each day. In their hands, hospitals are becoming more welcoming places that may help patients heal faster. Empty city lots are being transformed into homey public hangouts. Drab offices are becoming playful workspaces that foster creativity and collaboration. CNN showcases 10 examples of shared spaces — from airports to playgrounds to an experimental village for the homeless — being reborn through inventive design.
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  Five Tips to Design Smarter

Download Five Tips to Design Smarter to learn how Crestron home automation can enhance your design and expand your practice – without having to be a technology expert. Crestron delivers optimal convenience, security and energy savings in an exciting way, balancing function and form with a worry-free installation.

From Entrepreneurs to Executives: GO PRO/NYC's Impressive Lineup of Speakers
An entrepreneur, a chemist, a marketer and design executives headline this year's GO PRO/NYC event, Sept. 18-19 in New York City. Adhering to the theme of "Empowering Emerging Professionals Now," the five speakers combine to offer advice and insight that will help jump-start your career. Register now!
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12th Annual ASID Student Design Competition Opens Soon
Enter the 2014-2015 ASID Student Design Competition: TouchDown. This year's competition concept is designed to meet the mobile office needs of traveling professionals at the airport. Submissions open Sept. 22, and the deadline is Feb. 23, 2015. The winner of the 12th annual ASID Student Design Competition will receive a cash prize, national recognition and the opportunity to display his/her project at a large industry event. ASID also will provide travel and a one-night stay for the winner to attend Celebration: The ASID Awards Gala, July 18, 2015, in Boston.
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The Rate of Change Has Changed
Interiors & Sources
Increased demand on designers' time and knowledge base, combined with a volatile economy, has led to new trends in both how designers approach their work and what employers expect. Firms are looking for a new kind of professional, with skills across multiple disciplines. Firms want employees who are critical and strategic thinkers, who can multitask and are comfortable with change and shifting responsibilities.
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Builder Confidence in the 55+ Housing Market Shows Positive Signs in Q2
National Association of Home Builders
Builder confidence in the single-family 55+ housing market for the second quarter is up year-over-year, according to the National Association of Home Builders' 55+ Housing Market Index. "We have seen steady improvement in the 55+ housing sector as buyers and renters are attracted to new homes that offer many of the luxuries and conveniences they desire," said Steve Bomberger, chairman of NAHB's 50+ Housing Council.
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  InFrame™ Brings Daylight to the Inside

Break through. Break in. Kawneer is bringing its expertise inside with the new InFrame™ Interior Framing, which allows more light to fill the interior of a space. With Kawneer as a single source for both exterior and interior framing, walls are no longer barriers but a break through in design, performance and beauty.

Workers in Windowless Offices Lose 46 Minutes of Sleep a Night
Fast Company's Co.Design
Outside views are often badges of seniority or achievement in the work world — understandably, given that they're in short supply. But new evidence suggests employers should look at daylight exposure less as a mark of accomplishment and more as a matter of public health.
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5 Non-slip Flooring Products: Design Solutions to Prevent Trips and Falls
Architecture & Design
Preventing falls and slips can be done by either applying a slip resistant coating or treatment to the existing flooring material, or as in many projects today, by specifying products that have non-slip properties. Differences between these anti-slip products deal with a variety of factors such as cost and style, but also durability, hygiene and maintenance requirements.
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The Real Scandal in NYC Real Estate: Not Enough 'Poor Doors'
Fast Company's Co.Exist
Ongoing outrage over separate entrances for low-income residents of a new building in New York City ignores a bigger design crime, Karrie Jacobs says.
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Study Links Physical Environment and Student Behavior
Editor at Large
New data released from Steelcase Education has reaffirmed the positive correlation between college students' engagement, their perceptions of academic success and a classroom intentionally designed for active learning. According to the study, 72 percent of students said the change in classroom design to a more flexible space increased their motivation to attend class, 72 percent also said the new classroom layout with flexible furnishings would increase their ability to achieve a higher grade, and 84 percent reported being more engaged in the classroom activities.
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Designer Fabrics, Trims Store - Factory Direct

artéé fabrics & home is the place that designers shop for fabrics. Linens, blends, polys, Silks, chenilles, embroideries, prints for drapery and upholstery. We can design and manufacture that special fabric for you! Visit us online or in our spacious stores for fabrics and trims to take home right off the bolt with you.
Grosfillex Interior Contract Furniture Collection

Grosfillex, a US manufacturer, designs and builds a complete line of distinct, durable commercial furniture to meet or exceed industry standards – indoors and outdoors! Focused on new materials and technologies, Grosfillex is proud to introduce a new contemporary interior furniture line with slim HPL tables and stack chairs in youthful colors and trendy designs. Grosfillex product line offers professionals and designers performance, durability, functionality, style and comfort at an affordable price. MORE
Motorized Fine-Art TV Concealment

Elegantly disguise your TV with VisionArt, a custom framed fine-art print on a motorized canvas. VisionArt Gallerie’s canvases retract and conceal with the touch of a button. This TV concealment system offers everything from a simple framed art piece covering a TV, to an easy-to-install audio integrated theater concealment system.

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence with Your Design Blog
Interior Desig+n Community
So you have been writing a design blog for a while but you don't have the amount of traffic you want. You often wonder what you can do to increase your readership/followers and make your blog easy to find on Web searches. Well, you have come to the right place; this article will give you advice on how you can improve your online presence using your design blog.
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3 New Money Habits That Create Big Results
Design Biz Blueprint
When you decide to get your inner game and money handling habits in line, you'll quickly feel the momentum of living your goals. After all, money is the measure of how many people you've met and impacted with your gift of creating beauty and comfort in the lives of others. Your gift to others deserves to be beautifully rewarded and well-paid, too. So here are three little habits for creating big results in your life that you can easily implement right now.
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The Art of the Package Deal
Design Management Company
When contemplating all of the possibilities available to you for structuring the pricing for your design services, consider an option very often overlooked, or simply dismissed entirely — the package deal. If you're among the designers who question this approach because you think it in some way devalues your services or hurts the overall industry, explore this pricing strategy a bit further.
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Krystal Images™ is high-resolution digital imaging in glass that allows you to choose the artwork and transparency desired—Opaque, Translucent or Transparent.Specify AGC Glass Company. Contact us at, or call 404-446-4207.
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Exploring the Kitchen Design Process
Kitchen & Bath Design News
When it comes to finding out about clients' likes and dislikes, the vast majority of designers believe it's all about two-way communication: 91 percent said they begin the process by having an extensive discussion with the clients covering their needs, desires, preferences, likes and dislikes, according to results of a recent survey. The newly released study also asked designers about their greatest challenges, how to fire a difficult client and other matters.
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Water Use: Less Is More
National Kitchen & Bath Association
While access to reliable, clean sources of water may seem like a problem for developing nations, for many places in North America water resources are in short supply. Water conservation and well-designed spaces are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to create beautiful, functional kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms that also conserve water.
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8 Budget-Smart Kitchen Design Tips
WSI Designer Marketplace
These eight tips help you decide where to spend — and where to save — for a stylish kitchen makeover that doesn't cost a fortune.
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Better by Design: A Look at Shared Spaces
CNN showcases 10 shared spaces — from airports to playgrounds to an experimental village for the homeless — reborn through inventive design.

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Before You Break Up with That Problem Customer…
Deciding not to serve a customer is a very serious decision that should not be taken lightly. We suggest four steps to take before you make this move.

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The Principles of Design: Essential Elements
Interiors & Sources
Is your design good? How can you be sure? By getting down to principles, we try to uncover the essentials. This is not an easy thing to do.

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Whatever Happened to LEED Green Building Certification?
Before the USGBC came along, green building was really part of the counterculture. The USGBC's LEED system put green building on the map and made it respectable, but now it is under attack.
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What's Driving Millions of Dollars Back into Energy Efficiency
The Guardian
Just a few years ago, funding for energy efficiency projects seemed doomed. But now it's surging back, and Chris Hummel of Schneider Electric sees four reasons to pay attention to efficiency again.
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Study Shows LEED Certification Boosts Hotel Revenue
Hospitality Design
A new study from Cornell University has found that hotels gain a revenue benefit when they are certified under the LEED sustainable building program. The researchers found the revenue benefit applied to hotels of all types, although most hotels in the study were upscale or luxury properties located in urban or suburban locations.
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Salvaging a Sustainable Future
The EPA estimates that 300,000 buildings are demolished in the U.S. each year and most reuse operations sell reclaimed materials for 50 percent less than new materials; if each demolition was evaluated as an opportunity for material salvage/reuse, the available savings through discounted building materials would be astronomical. Building deconstruction also has the potential to generate up to eight times as many jobs as traditional demolition. So why hasn't building material salvage/reuse become the norm nationally?
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  Get the latest news on 3-D printing
3-D printing technology is poised to transform manufacturing in the interior design industry. Make sure you stay on the leading edge of innovation with the 3-D Printing Executive Brief. This essential e-newsletter from MultiBriefs delivers the executive-level updates your organization needs to stay successful. And the best part? It’s free! Subscribe today!

How to Muffle Noise Issues in Open Offices
Building Operating Management
Dissatisfaction with the acoustics of the workplace is often exacerbated in an open office design. Nevertheless, there are strategies and tools facility managers can employ to improve the acoustics in an open office design. The key is to implement them at the design stage, rather than try to retrofit a bandage solution once the space is occupied.
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More Daylight Means Healthier, Happier Nurses
The HERD Journal via Healthcare Design
The optimization of the physical environmental conditions for healthcare staff, especially nursing staff, may offer an opportunity to create high-performing work environments by helping staff to stay alert and productive. Environmental design that has restorative qualities and is supportive of sensitive tasks that demand focus helps caregivers work more effectively.
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The Search for Innovative Work Spaces Is a Waste of Time. Here's Why.
The Washington Post
Despite the research, the great space migration isn't exactly producing the results expected, with many employees expressing their dissent of the open workspace concept. Negative feedback is well-documented. Any change is met with resistance, so maybe these are growing pains. But maybe not.
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Hotels Trade Opulent Decor for Travel Rich Experiences
A growing number of hotel owners are rapidly transforming their buildings, trading luxury interiors for more personalized spaces. Modern travelers are more interested in an active and social lobby, service that is memorable and accommodation that feels like it is was designed specifically for them as opposed to the priciest and most luxuriant amenities.
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