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Need for a Responsible Press and Interior Design Profession
The rise in television programs about home decorating may have misled some of the public to believe that, well, anyone can be an interior designer. And that may have led to misconceptions about interior designers that manifest in a recent article on Huffington Post. While that's unfortunate, it's also an opportunity: The article might galvanize the interior design profession to present its case for legal recognition in a more unified way.
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Business Conditions for the Design Industry in September Continued to Improve
Both ASID Billing Index and ASID Inquiries Index were solid and remained in expansion territory (scores over 50 denote growth). The Inquiries Index hit its business cycle high of 69.5. An erratic but pronounced improvement in the billings index that began in October of 2013 has persisted well into 2014. Regional billings activity is also showing gains in each of the major regions and across various firm sizes. The design industry outlook is very positive as the 6-month outlook rose 6 points to a cycle high reading of 80. All signs show strong momentum in design activity, with solid gains expected later in 2014 and into 2015. Learn more.
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GO PRO/NYC: Unexpected Connections and Lessons
ICON Online
Kia Weatherspoon, Allied ASID, is president of Determined by Design and ASID director at large. She has attended every GO PRO event since 2011, and she says the connections to be made there are unparalleled. "Regardless of your career stage, GO PRO builds knowledge, creates connections, and inspires you to better serve the interior design industry," she writes.
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Nominations for ASID Board of Directors Close Oct. 31
The deadline is approaching to nominate an ASID member to serve on the Fiscal Year 2016 Board of Directors. The board plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Society continues to operate in the best interest of past, present and future members. Check the eligibility requirements and then complete the online form before the deadline on Oct. 31.
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GoodWeave Founder Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Hospitality Interiors
Kailash Satyarthi, who was awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize along with Malala Yousafzai, is the founder of the GoodWeave international rug certification scheme, which works to end child labor in the rug industry. "So many of us were motivated to join this struggle to protect the lives of vulnerable children because of him," said GoodWeave head Nina Smith, based in Washington, D.C. "This is an incredible moment for Kailash, for GoodWeave, for the children who have been forced to sacrifice their youth and their education for the benefit of business."
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Gyroscopic Chair Turns Browsing into a Triathlon
Fast Company's Co.Design
Developed by Dutch design student Govert Flint, the Dynamic Chair works by translating the movements of a sitter into a signal that a computer can understand. By strapping yourself into the Dynamic Chair's padded steel frame, you can move your mouse cursor across the screen by twisting your torso up, down, left or right. Kicking your legs clicks the mouse.
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  Designer Fabrics, Trims Store - Factory Direct

artéé fabrics & home is the place that designers shop for fabrics. Linens, blends, polys, Silks, chenilles, embroideries, prints for drapery and upholstery. We can design and manufacture that special fabric for you! Visit us online or in our spacious stores for fabrics and trims to take home right off the bolt with you.

3-D Printing: A Closer Look at the Quiet Design Revolution
Editor at Large
Prototyping a product has been a traditionally costly, involved process — an engineering labor of love that confines new ideas to the development phase for ages. 3-D printing has steadily altered that reality, ushering in an era of possibility for the design industry in particular. As material scientist Sarah Hoit explains, an increasing number of designers have been creating prototypes with 3-D printer technology, as the variety of machines, expanding capabilities and lowering price of entry has enabled smaller studios and individuals to bring the process in-house.
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Young Affluents Are Biggest Consumers of Luxury Homes
Michael J. Berens
Although the media focus on the large numbers of millennials who have struggled to get a toehold on financial independence during the economic downturn, a smaller segment has been making news for their phenomenal wealth. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is perhaps the most famous example, but millions of other millennials have amassed sizeable fortunes while still in their 20s. And what are they doing with all that money? Among other things, buying luxury homes.
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2015 Trends Forecast
ID Boston
There are new looks and a fresh direction emerging in design for 2015. From clear primary colors to happy and easy-to-love checks, stripes and prints to unexpected use of color, the trends on the horizon promise to inspire and motivate.
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The Mental Attraction to Color
Your brain can't help but notice color. It is processing thousands of details per second to help you form opinions about color in clothing, the natural landscape or interior design. Some colors and color combinations may be very appealing to you while others don't have the same effect. Why?
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Ditch Your Keys: Smartphones Unlock Doors
The Wall Street Journal
Are we ready for phone-controlled electronic deadbolts? WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler and Wilson Rothman discuss the latest crop of "smart" home locks.
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What Clients Value
Most people in the building industry assume what they do is about a building. But the building is only a physical tool to accomplish goals, implement change, or attract attention. They often don't understand what the client is trying to accomplish with the building — what the client's goals and objectives are.
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Nurturing Talent
We need a place where smart, talented designers can get an on-demand education about how to start a business, which includes everything from financial planning and costing to how to stay out of trouble, and negotiation. Those are the real, hard skills that design entrepreneurs didn't learn in school but will need in order to be successful.
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The Gift of Improv
Interiors & Sources
The art of improv employs a specific set of guidelines that encourages ideation, cooperation and empathy. These guidelines can just as easily apply to your design life as they can to your everyday life.
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Favorite Bookkeeping Tips
Design Biz Blueprint
Bookkeeping is likely the last thing in the world you want to do, because creative people are not inclined to spend hours reconciling a checkbook or sending out invoices. The subject of bookkeeping sounds like it would be all about the practical, but you'd be surprised to know it brings up emotional and energetic challenges as well.
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Grosfillex Contract Furniture Collection

Grosfillex, a US manufacturer, designs and builds a complete line of distinct, durable commercial furniture to meet or exceed industry standards – indoors and outdoors! Focused on new materials and technologies, Grosfillex is proud to introduce a new contemporary interior furniture line with slim HPL tables and stack chairs in youthful colors and trendy designs. Grosfillex product line offers professionals and designers performance, durability, functionality, style and comfort at an affordable price. MORE
Small Kitchens -
Big on Style!

BLANCO introduces the ONE™ Collection of stainless steel sinks and custom accessories. Choose the sink that fits the space; choose the accessories that fit their lifestyle. With so much convenience built right in, it’s easy to prep, cook and clean—and let the style shine through.
Motorized Fine-Art TV Concealment

Elegantly disguise your TV with VisionArt, a custom framed fine-art print on a motorized canvas. VisionArt Gallerie's canvases retract and conceal with the touch of a button. This TV concealment system offers everything from a simple framed art piece covering a TV, to an easy-to-install audio integrated theater concealment system.

Home Improvement Spending Continues Toward More Moderate Growth
Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard
Reflecting the slow pace of recovery in the overall housing market, the home remodeling industry is expected to continue its path of moderating growth, according to the latest Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity. The LIRA projects annual growth in home improvement spending to ease to 3.1 percent through the second quarter of 2015.
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Designers Discuss Favorite Kitchen and Bath Trends, Products
K+BB Collective
Ahead of National Kitchen and Bath Month in November, designers share their thoughts about some of the most significant trends and products in kitchen and bath design today.
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Chasing the 'Perfect' Home
The Interior Design Advocate
This is a message for all the die-hard Pinterest-pinning, Houzz-surfing addicts. Back away from the paint deck for a second and stop that ever-churning motor that is the killjoy in design: the pursuit of perfection.
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AGC Krystal Kolours™

AGC Krystal Kolours™ is a premium ultra-clear glass, back-painted in a variety of colors to provide the truest color and quality available. Contact us at More
Sento Collection by GRAFF
The Sento Exposed Shower is defined not only by its smooth shape, but by the unique depth and beauty it inspires. MORE

Paul Hawken's 'Drawdown' Keynote at Greenbuild
Energy Priorities
At Greenbuild, Natural Capitalism co-author Paul Hawken unveiled a new project based on his new book, Drawdown, and interviewed climate allies Tom Steyer and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley about reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere. His goal is to reduce, not just stabilize, atmospheric CO2 and other gases, in order to reverse rising global temperatures.
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Green for Green
Ecobuilding Pulse
To ensure energy-efficient buildings live up to their namesake, building owners and the government may begin expressing their expectations in legal documents. More owners will embrace performance-based contracting as the next step in sustainable design because it leads to buildings that are cheaper to operate and more comfortable for occupants.
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USGBC Announces Leadership Changes
Green Building News
Roger Platt, senior vice president of global policy and law for the U.S. Green Building Council, is taking over the council's president position. Other executive changes for the USGBC include the addition of a new position: chief product officer, a role that Scot Horst, senior vice president of LEED, will assume.
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  Get the latest news on 3-D printing
3-D printing technology is poised to transform manufacturing in the interior design industry. Make sure you stay on the leading edge of innovation with the 3-D Printing Executive Brief. This essential e-newsletter from MultiBriefs delivers the executive-level updates your organization needs to stay successful. And the best part? It’s free! Subscribe today!

State of the Retail Design Industry
You might be having a great 2014, but are you wondering how your peers or the retail design industry as a whole have been doing this year? The editors at design:retail (formerly Display & Design Ideas magazine) too wanted to find out — so they picked the brains of retailers and designers to find out how the industry is shaping up for 2014, plus what's on tap for 2015.
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Infection Prevention: What Design Can Do
Healthcare Design
As we all track the Ebola story with acute interest and concern, healthcare design industry professionals (like everyone else in healthcare) are struggling to consider ways in which they might be able to stem the spread of disease within the care environment. Research has shown that special attention to HVAC design, materials and space planning can mitigate the transfer of germs from one person to another.
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Why Hotels Are Leaving Design Continuity Behind
Hotels are beginning to explore the opportunities to reflect a venue's location, culture or history; colors of a seaside resort might be represented in a room's fabrics and visual art, or an original floor or wall might bring character to a historic hotel. Today, while branding remains paramount, it is being complemented with a new guest requirement: the desire to experience the brand.
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Floating Offices: The Next Big Thing?
Officing Today
Floating developments are already a popular idea on the European continent, where space is at a premium and building up is not always an option. "Given the shortage of attractive, energy efficient office accommodation, and the prospect of rising sea levels with climate change — the idea of floating offices is logical and attractive," says the firm H2Office, which designs and manufactures water-based workspaces.
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Putting Evidence to Work
Health Facilities Magazine
The latest edition of Interiors, published by Healthcare Facilities Management, provides insights from some leading healthcare design firms about the practical applications of evidence-based research. This report examines some of the real-world, problem-solving challenges in healthcare today.
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