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Conditions Improving in Housing, Remodeling Markets
Michael J. Berens
Renewed activity in the housing industry in recent months bodes well for interior designers and remodelers. Housing starts and sales have lagged for most of 2014, dampened by bad weather, world events and a mixed bag of unfavorable economic, employment and lending news. The latest indicators from industry groups, however, show business is gradually improving and is likely to continue to do so for some months to come.
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Interior Design Billings Index Report: Increased Q4 Growth
The September 2014 ASID Interior Design Billings Index maintained a strong trend of positive billings growth with a 60.5 value. The Inquiries Index of 69.5 is the highest recorded over the past three years. Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz predicts solid gains through Q4. "The U.S. economy remains on firm footing," he reports. "Quarterly economic growth for the balance of 2014 is forecast to be in the range of 3.0…Business conditions for the design industry continue to indicate momentum and usher further improvement in home improvement and construction activity." To learn more download the full ASID IDBI Q3 report.
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A Real World Whirlwind in Dallas
ICON Online
Laura McDonald Stewart, ASID, RID, LEED AP, is founder of the online interior design resource, PLiNTH & CHiNTZ, manager of METROCON Expo & Conference, and a past ASID director at large. Find out her insights from serving as a mentor during Real World Design Week.
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Transform Grant Proposals Due Dec. 15
ASID Foundation
The ASID Foundation has set a Dec. 15 deadline for proposals for its fourth annual Transform Grant. Awarded annually, these grants focus on applied research in interior design and human behavior. This year, the Foundation will award $100,000 in grant money to one or multiple design‐related initiatives that address critical gaps in industry knowledge around the growing influence design has on public health and well-being. Download the RFP today!
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The Shrinking of Personal Space at Work
The Atlantic
First they came for the offices, replacing four-walls-and-a-door situations with desks in cubicles, even for workers of considerable stature. Now they're coming for the desks themselves. On both sides of the Atlantic, big companies are moving toward more flexible setups that do away with assigned workstations.
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Expensive Home Inventory Rising; Inexpensive Homes Still Scarce
The number of homes for sale continued to increase across the U.S. in October, a good sign for buyers — but with a catch. In many parts of the country, supply increased more among the most expensive homes than low- and mid-priced homes, according to the October Zillow Real Estate Market Reports.
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Why Form Should Follow Function in Interior Design
It's a part of human nature to be drawn towards beautiful things — even if they aren't exactly the right choice in the moment. This same theory weaves seamlessly into interior design. You could go through a store and pick up every single stunning accent piece you see, but when you put them all together in a room without a couch or table or any other important or necessary item, they become clutter that generally serve no purpose at all. For this reason, it's best to keep in mind that form should follow function when it comes to interior design.
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  Designer Fabrics, Trims Store - Factory Direct

artéé fabrics & home is the place that designers shop for fabrics. Linens, blends, polys, silks, chenilles, embroideries, prints for drapery and upholstery. We can design and manufacture that special fabric for you! Visit us online or in our spacious stores for fabrics and trims to take home right off the bolt with you.

Architecture Firms Remain in Growth Mode
The American Institute of Architects
Business conditions at architecture firms remained positive in October, with the national Architecture Billings Index score of 53.7. With solid ABI scores for six straight months, a broader recovery in the construction market — particularly regarding nonresidential buildings — seems assured.
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NAHB Survey: Cost Implications of Building Codes Cause Worry
Many single-family builders are worried about the cost implications of the way building codes are evolving, especially codes associated with fire sprinklers and energy efficiency, a recent NAHB survey finds.
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Disrupting the Architecture & Interior Design Practice
James Paul Pilande on LinkedIn
Has there been any significant disruption in the architecture and interior design practice since the invention and mass implementation of CADD or Computer Aided Drafting and Design? When is the next disruption likely to occur — and what's next?
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Five Rules of Etiquette: Building Successful Consulting Practices
Why This Way
Search the Web and one can find a myriad of articles on the dynamics and dealings of client/agency relationships. From payment schedules to legal agreements, from collaborative projects to protecting our ideas, most agencies are all in the same boat: We're all trying to figure out how to be profitable, serve our clients and deal with the day-to-day nuances of running our own businesses.
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Grow Your Wealth While You Grow Your Business
Design Management Company
There is an art to making money, and there is an art to keeping it. No matter how good you are at generating new business or maximizing your profits, your efforts will be in vain unless you also exercise care in managing your money well.
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Avoiding Joint Ownership and Its Disinheritance Risk
David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Carole Foos, CPA
Nearly every interior design firm uses joint ownership to hold title to some of their assets, whether it is the home, bank accounts, investment accounts or other assets. Nonetheless, joint ownership can cause serious problems in an estate plan and often should be avoided. Learn about the risks of joint ownership and how best to avoid them.
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How to Use Pantone's Spring 2015 Color Report at Home
Elle Décor
The color authority has released their palette for Spring 2015; see how the Pantone hues can be translated easily and chicly for the home.
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New Idea for Home Offices: The Family Office
Woodworking Network
The concept of the home office is only growing in popularity as more people bring their work home with them or simply work from their home-based office. A space designed to house computer gear and other office equipment continues to be a popular area for renovation. However, some homeowners are transforming their home office into a more family-friendly space.
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Do the Brightest Ideas Begin in the Shower?
A new survey conducted by cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., and commissioned by Hansgrohe shows that 72 percent of people have experienced new ideas in the shower. In fact, 14 percent take showers for the sole purpose of generating creative thoughts and insights.
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Grosfillex Contract Furniture Collection

Grosfillex, a US manufacturer, designs and builds a complete line of distinct, durable commercial furniture to meet or exceed industry standards – indoors and outdoors! Focused on new materials and technologies, Grosfillex is proud to introduce a new contemporary interior furniture line with slim HPL tables and stack chairs in youthful colors and trendy designs. Grosfillex product line offers professionals and designers performance, durability, functionality, style and comfort at an affordable price. MORE
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GRAFF - cutting-edge design

Rooted in excellence, GRAFF designs innovative kitchen and bath faucets, showers and accessories. GRAFF is recognized globally for its trend-setting products and unique vision. Each signature collection exhibits a truly distinctive style unlike anything else. Offering more variety than ever, find a GRAFF showroom near you. Learn more.

Efficiency Experts: Energy Star Certifies Existing Multifamily Properties
Multifamily Executive
Ranging from nearly 100-year-old rehabbed buildings to modern high-rises, the first 17 existing properties to receive the EPA's Energy Star certification for multifamily, previously available only for new construction, are modeling the way forward in efficiency.
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Why Green Design Companies Are Overhauling the Home Industry
For years, the idea of building and designing green spaces only held popularity within certain niche interest groups — agriculturalists, tourism-driven communities, etc. Outside of those areas, environmental impact wasn't a huge concern. However, as our effect on the environment has become steadily more clear, small, green design companies began to pop up.
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More Fun with the Office of the Future
Target Commercial Interiors
We all love to imagine what the "Offices of Tomorrow" will look like, or what the "Workers of Tomorrow" will want to do for work. Why is this so much fun? Just think of the countless science-fiction books and movies we have for inspiration.
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Boomers Put New Demands on Health Care Design
Health Facilities Management
This year, the last of the baby boomers turn 50. The oldest are on the cusp of 70. As people born between 1946 and 1964 are getting older and becoming a predominant health care demographic, facility designs are responding to their needs and expectations. "The baby boom generation is so significantly larger than the generations immediately before and after it that, basically, what the boomer wants, the boomer gets," says Joe Flower, health care speaker, writer and consultant.
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Rooted in excellence, GRAFF designs cutting-edge kitchen and bath faucets and accessories. Each signature collection exhibits a truly distinctive style unlike anything else. MORE
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Retailers Go High-Tech with Smart Fitting Rooms
Reality Interactive
When considering retail design, fitting rooms are often an after thought. However, they may be one of the most important parts of the shopping experience. In fact shoppers who use fitting rooms, rather than just browse the sales floor, are 70 percent more likely to make a purchase. Smart fitting rooms can help to enhance the customer experience and the way they interact with the brand.
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Stakes Are High for Patient Room Design
Healthcare Design
Healthcare providers across the country are strategizing their next moves in an industry-wide shift to provide more care in outpatient environments, an effort to reduce inpatient admissions and, particularly, costs. Ironically, this trend isn't diminishing the number of inpatient projects being pursued. In fact, it's inspiring their reinvention. And at the heart of any hospital are its patient rooms.
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Boosting STEM Education with Gaming (and Design)
GenslerOn Work
With the potential to be more than just another trendy fad bolted on to our outmoded industrial-age education system, video games could serve as an instrument of what some researchers see as a new model of education. Yet when it comes to the subject of designing K-12 facilities to support video games and the accompanying new learning model, there are still many unanswered questions: How do you effectively design spaces to facilitate both face-to-face interaction and digital learning?
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