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ASID Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!
The American Society of Interior Designers wishes its members, partners, and other industry professionals a safe and happy holiday season. As 2014 comes to a close, the last two editions of Eye on Design will revisit some of the most popular articles of the year. The first 2015 edition of Eye on Design will publish on Friday, Jan. 9.
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One Week Left to Nominate for ASID National Awards
The ASID Awards represent the Society's highest level of professional recognition. Consider nominating a colleague (or yourself) for one of these four prestigious national awards: The nominations process is easy. Simply complete a short online form and the Society takes it from there. Do you know someone whose work should be recognized? Don't miss the deadline! Nominations close Jan. 5.
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'Tis the Season to Transform Lives
ASID Foundation
Your gift to the ASID Foundation has a direct impact on the future of design. Research, scholarships, and education are all made possible through your continued support. See the good work the Foundation has accomplished and then offer your support to keep the momentum going. Donations made before Dec. 31 will be tax-deductible for 2014.
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  Five Tips to Design Smarter

Download Five Tips to Design Smarter to learn how Crestron home automation can enhance your design and expand your practice – without having to be a technology expert. Crestron delivers optimal convenience, security and energy savings in an exciting way, balancing function and form with a worry-free installation.

2015 Color of the Year: A Challenge for Interior Design
From Oct. 3: Remember that scene in "The Devil Wears Prada" when Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestley schools Anne Hathaway's naive character about how she ended up buying her blue sweater? That is not far away from what interior design is about to face in 2015.
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Why Is Gray the New Black?
What's Next: Top Trends
From Aug. 1: In fashion terms gray sits well with other colors. It's also an ideal color to showcase expensive fabrics. But ignore all this. The most likely explanation for the rise of gray and silver tones is rampant anxiety.
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Top Designers on How to Create the Perfect Color Scheme
Architectural Digest
From July 18: Pinpointing the perfect hue and finding the right combination can be tricky, but when you nail the ideal palette, the results are guaranteed to be dazzling. Architectural Digest asked some of the top talents in design to share their personal tips for mastering the art of color — from deploying punchy brights to creating golden glows.
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10 Things We Loved at NeoCon 2014
From June 20: NeoCon's annual offering — focusing on all things pertinent to commercial design — has become a true reflection of our society's views on work and the office and our excitement over technology's promise of productivity. Dwell scoured the showrooms to pick 10 favorite products and pieces that made a big impression during the show.
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Dissatisfaction with Remodelers Creates Opportunity for Designers
Michael J. Berens
From March 14: Home remodeling and improvement services have a bad reputation with consumers. According to a recent survey, home remodeling and improvement services ranked only slightly above government services for meeting customers' expectations. That's bad news for remodelers, but it could be good news for designers.
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  Designer Fabrics, Trims Store - Factory Direct

artéé fabrics & home is the place that designers shop for fabrics. Linens, blends, polys, silks, chenilles, embroideries, prints for drapery and upholstery. We can design and manufacture that special fabric for you! Visit us online or in our spacious stores for fabrics and trims to take home right off the bolt with you.

Design Industry Predictions: Interiors in 2014
Design Week
From Jan. 10: Leading industry figures tell us what they think will happen in retail, packaging, interior and exhibition design.
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Making the Case for Higher Fees
From March 21: Designers have been slow to champion the return on investment that their work can bring. But even a little data can convince clients that spending more can mean saving more.
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Five Smart Upgrades for the Kitchen
Consumer Reports
From July 3: The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. More and more, it's the brains as well, thanks to the emergence of smarter appliances, fixtures and design practices. Here are five upgrades to consider when remodeling the kitchen — or just looking to improve its form, function and feel.
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Color Trends in Action: Design for an Aging Population
Specs + Spaces
From Oct. 10: Understanding the power of color and the long-term effects for those using the space is becoming increasingly important. Color tone, combination, proportion and placement are key in any project, both from a visual perspective and for overall behavioral effects.
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Gensler Launches Groundbreaking Design Program
From Nov. 21: This month, Gensler announced the launch of its Design Strategist Development Program. This 24-month program will feature extensive on-the-job training for participants at select Gensler offices in the United States and United Kingdom. DSD Program participants will be immersed into Gensler's innovative culture as full-time employees with a competitive salary and benefits package. They will work in Gensler's consulting practice with a focus on how space, technology, policies and services support the changing nature of work, learning and living. At the conclusion of the two-year program, participants will have the skills and experience they need for professional success at one of Gensler's 46+ offices around the world. All applications are due by Jan. 30, 2015. Learn more.
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Listen to Me: Stop Designing for People
ICON Online
From March 28: Victor Ermoli, dean of the School of Design at Savannah College of Art and Design, encourages designers to take their practice to the next level by paying attention to the economics of consumerism. "In the experience economy, value is based on how a product or service makes us feel," he writes. "Consequently, the more unique and positive the experience we perceive, the more money people are willing to pay for the product or service."
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Grosfillex Contract Furniture Collection

Grosfillex, a US manufacturer, designs and builds a complete line of distinct, durable commercial furniture to meet or exceed industry standards – indoors and outdoors! Focused on new materials and technologies, Grosfillex is proud to introduce a new contemporary interior furniture line with slim HPL tables and stack chairs in youthful colors and trendy designs. Grosfillex product line offers professionals and designers performance, durability, functionality, style and comfort at an affordable price. MORE
How Is Lighting Ergonomic?

Notice the position you are standing or sitting in as you read this. Did you move to get better lighting? Did you position your body in a way to help improve the visual contrast of the text, reduce glare or avoid a shadow? That very movement is the essence of ergonomics.
Ametis Collection by GRAFF

A fusion between the universe above and oceans below, the Ametis Collection, designed by Davide Oppizzi, is a seemingly simple object. A hallmark of organic design, Ametis uses solid shapes and dynamic elements that meld together harmoniously for a perfect balance of function and design. Explore More

Invisible Kitchen
Architectural Record
From Sept. 19: i29 Interior Architects used decorative wall panels and an optical trick to create a vanishing kitchen inside a Paris apartment. When not in use, the kitchen is hidden behind a wall — in five sections — that is finished with decorative paneling and molding that mimic the circa-1905 apartment's original plasterwork.
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What Kitchens, Baths and Bedrooms May Look Like in a Decade
Dallas Business Journal
From April 25: We know technology is changing everything around us, but do you wonder what that might look like in practice, in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom a decade from now? General Electric Co. offers a glimpse of its innovators' view of the future in a project called "Home 2025."
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It's All
About Quality

1st Choice Cabinetry offers its customers the largest and most beautiful cabinet-only showroom in the Triangle. Be amazed at the selection and inspired by the design. MORE
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Inside Ultra-Luxury Kitchens: Trends Among Wealthy Buyers Who Rarely Cook
From Oct. 31: On the luxury market, a kitchen fully loaded with the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets is a strong selling point — even for wealthy buyers who rarely cook but turn their kitchens over to a hired chef or caterer. Perhaps this helps explain the rising popularity of the butler's pantry, sometimes called a scullery, or secondary kitchen.
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Millions of Millionaires: Who Are They?
Michael J. Berens
From June 27: While middle-class families have seen their incomes stagnate, the rich have been getting richer. Both the well-off and the wealthy have experienced substantial increases in assets over the past several years. For interior designers looking to market their services to these wealthy clients, some recent reports offer valuable insights.
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