Request for volunteers

The Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS) is a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) with the mission of fostering a culture of quality within the profession of pharmacy that promotes a continuous systems analysis to develop best practices that will reduce medication errors, improve medication use and enhance patient care. Congress created PSOs to promote shared learning to enhance quality and safety within a privileged and confidential, protected environment.

APMS offers a continuous quality improvement program within the protection of a PSO for pharmacist/pharmacy dispensing functions and has been charged with created a similar program for pharmacist patient care services.

APMS is conducting a project, Identifying Gaps in Care for Treating Patients with Diabetes. The goals of this project are to identify, collect and report gaps in clinical care compared to guidelines, internal operations deficiencies and gaps in the pharmacist clinical care process. Identified patient care “gap” information will be collected analyzed to identify clinical care team improvement opportunities. Our ultimate vision is to create a secure reporting portal that will offer strong PSO protections for the data studied and analyzed. Pharmacists can collect and study patient safety data and work on process improvements in a confidential and legally protected environment.

We have created a paper collection form to assist in the eventual development of the reporting portal and need your assistance in testing the collection form at your practice site. We expect to offer training in the use of the paper collection form beginning September 8th and to begin using the form from September 22nd through December 1st.

We hope you will assist us with this important project. To find out more information and to sign up to volunteer, please contact Cecily DiPiro, PharmD, CDE who is serving as project manager for this effort at by September 30. We look forward to working with you!