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Easy vocabulary for English learners

Vocabulary is part of all aspects of language learning. As students create, read and write, they are using and assimilating necessary words. Students focus on the meaning of the material and begin to develop a feel for the word-building process and the overall grammar....

source: By Douglas Magrath
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Pearson ERPI, member of the Pearson Group, is the number one ESL publisher and distributor in Quebec and across Canada. Through its ties to the Pearson Longman global team, it benefits from a long tradition of pedagogical excellence and shares a passion for innovation. Reporting...

source: Pearson

Children and adolescents acquire much of their academic vocabulary through incidental learning. Typically, six to eight exposures in context will put a new word into a student's memory, and he or she will begin to recognize that word on subsequent exposures when reading...

source: The Daily Courier

You might know someone who was immersed in another language from childhood and now can pass for a native. However, you probably also know many people who started learning a language at a later stage and never mastered a foreign accent, even after years spent in the target...

source: Language Magazine

The various subskills of grammar, listening, reading, writing and cultural awareness all work together in the language acquisition process. Grammar is especially important to ensure communication, but the material presented should be meaningful and relevant to the learners'...

source: By Douglas Magrath

Méthode facilement utilisable dans tous les modes de vie pour grandir bilingue dés la petite enfance.Basée sur l'écoute de CD audio dont les longues phrases de bavardage permettent à l'enfant d'intégrer la mélodie de la langue parlée.

source: La Gazette de Montpellier

Langues sans frontières 2015 s'ouvre à l'international! L'ACPLS s'unit à l'AOPLV (Association ontarienne des professeurs de langues vivantes) et la FIPLV (Fédération internationale des professeurs de langues vivantes)...

source: ACPLS


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