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3 new emotion tech features that will boost your digital experiences
Affectiva has released a new version of it's emotion-sensing Software Developer Kit. Available for iOS, Android and Windows, the SDK enables developers to add Affectiva's emotion-sensing and analytics technology to their own devices, apps and digital experiences, delivering on the promise of emotion-aware Artificial Intelligence. SDK 3.0 highlights include real-time tracking of multiple faces simultaneously, identification of gender and presence of eyeglasses and the world's first Face to Emoji Mapper that maps facial expressions of emotion to 12 different emojis.

18 deep learning startups you should know
Venture Radar
Affectiva is named as one of 18 startups leading the way in developing and application of Deep Learning.

What if we had emotion-aware games?
We make and we play emotional games, but these games do not recognize, analyze and adapt to our emotions. Affectiva is poised to transform the gaming experience with its emotion-sensing and analytics technology. Using a standard web cam, Affectiva's software measures and analyzes facial expressions of emotion in real time, allowing game developers to read player emotions, trigger changes in game play and dynamically alter difficulty. To learn more, contact jim.deal@affectiva.com or visit us at Booth #2405 at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, March 15-18.

Emotion Lab '16 Hackathon gains momentum
On March 4-6, Affectiva organizes Emotion Lab '16, a weekend-long hackathon, during which, participants will use the Affdex emotion-sensing SDKs and a host of interesting IoT devices and APIs to build unique emotion-enabled apps, devices and technologies. The hackathon aims to spawn emotion-aware technologies that have never been seen before. The event is already sold out, but we are maintaining a wait list and hope to open up more seats closer to the event. Register now.

How to emotion-enable your app
Making your digital experiences emotion-aware increases user engagement, which in turns leads to better outcomes such as stickiness of an app or increased time spent on a website. In this blog, Rana el Kaliouby outlines four simple steps to make your app emotion-aware using the Affdex SDK.

Affective computing: how 'emotional machines' are about to take over our lives
The Telegraph
From robots anticipating our desires to wristbands that help autistic children speak, the way we engage with technology is changing. Affective computing pioneers, Rosalind Picard, Rana el Kaliouby and Nadia Berthouze, all agree that emotionally-intelligent devices will soon become a part of our daily lives.

Can our devices empathize with us? One woman thinks so.
While at the MIT MediaLab, Rana El Kaliouby spearheaded the applications of emotion-sensing and facial coding. Contributing writer for Forbes, Kate Brodock, talks to El Kaliouby about how she started with Affectiva and her work thus far as an advocate for women's entrepreneurship.

CMSWire names Affectiva tech company to watch
CMSWire hosts a series on tech companies to watch in 2016. After interviewing analysts, investors and integrators, they arrived at a handful of technology providers, beginning with Artificial Intelligence company Affectiva.

Social robots: The solution to our screen addictions, or just more digital weirdness?
The Washington Post
Jibo is a social robot. He has two high-resolution cameras, and should be able to recognize you amid a gaggle of people. Jibo is smarter than a smartphone, and crammed with artificial intelligence algorithms. He can learn your preferences, and adapt to them, like a well-trained dog.


Did You Know That...
We are using Deep Learning to continuously innovate our science. We use Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) models to leverage massive amounts of data to train highly accurate emotion classifiers.
Affectiva's Emotion-Sensing SDK
We have created our SDKs so that others can emotion-enable their own apps and digital experiences. Available for iOS, Android and Windows you can get a free evaluation of our SDK here: affectiva.com/sdk


Emotion Lab '16 | March 4
Join Affectiva for an exciting, weekend-long hackathon during which participants will create emotion-aware technology. You will get to use Affectiva's emotion-sensing SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows. We'll provide a selection of interesting devices, and together we will design the future of emotion-aware AI.

Game Developers Conference | March 14-18
Affectiva will showcase how emotion recognition technology can transform gaming. Come see demos and learn more at our booth — Booth #2405 in the GDC Expo Hall.

Can AI Systems Really 'Think'? SXSW | March 14
Rana el Kaliouby will join this SXSW panel to discuss if AI systems really "feel".

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