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Affectiva enters gaming market
Affectiva enters the gaming market to enable emotion-aware games and robust game analytics, in an accessible and scalable manner. Its emotion-sensing and analytics technology can modify games dynamically, supplement back-end data analytics, add emotion data to playtesting, and measure eSports audience emotional response.

Affectiva powers emotion-aware features in Nevermind game
Flying Mollusk, the game studio that uses emerging technology to create entertaining and impactful games, has integrated Affectiva’s emotion-sensing technology with its psychological thriller game Nevermind, creating an incredibly personalized emotion-based experience.

What happens when video games can read your face
Fast Company
Game developers have always been interested in how players might react to the characters and plots they created — but what if they could tell exactly how the player was feeling and tailor the game to their mood?

Affectiva teams up with developers to make video games that know your feelings
The Boston Globe
Affectiva is staking its claim to new market: Video games. A psychological thriller game, "Nevermind," will be the first to deploy Affectiva's technology to measure players' reaction and adjust the level of play accordingly; the more frightened, or more anxious players get, the harder the game becomes to play.

Affectiva awarded gaming patent
The U.S. Patent Office granted Affectiva a patent entitled, "Using Affect within a Gaming Context" for software that collects emotional data from a person, including facial expressions and reactions, when they are playing a game. The game logic then changes based on the emotional data that was collected. This could result in the game's story line, difficulty level or even player avatar being altered, based upon the player's emotional reactions. This new patent adds to Affectiva's strategic patent portfolio, totaling seven patents issued and more than 30 pending applications.

Excitement builds for Affectiva's Emotion Lab 16 hackathon
On March 4-6, Affectiva organizes its Emotion Lab '16 hackathon at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge, MA. At this event, participants will use Affectiva's emotion-sensing SDK to build emotion-aware apps, devices and technologies. The event is already oversubscribed, but interested parties can follow activities on Twitter #emotionlab16 and @Affectiva.

Affectiva invites local developers to test emotion-sensing tech
The Boston Globe
When Waltham startup Affectiva announced a hackathon inviting local coders to try out the company's emotion-sensing technology, the organizers were shocked at how quickly the roster filled up. The bigger surprise: half the developers who signed up were women.

The emotion aware AI machines of the future
As Artificially Intelligent computers mature, it is exciting that machine learning is also becoming more accessible and portable. Soon the fundamental way that we interact with our machines is going to change. Picture if you will, a future in which your kitchen is also a chef. After grilling your vegetables and burger, it may grill you with questions about how you enjoyed your meal.

Global emotion detection and recognition market to reach $22.65 billion
PR Newswire
The market is projected to grow from $5.66 billion in 2015 to $22.65 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 31.9 percent during the period. The market is being driven by factors such as increased focus on affective computing, business intelligence and growing amount of spatial data as well as prompt availability of analytical tools.

Computers that know how you're feeling
By Daniel McDuff
Have you ever felt frustrated using technology? What would it be like if your computer did not simply repeat the same confusing error message over and over again? Or what if it knew to only give notifications when you were not concentrating on another task?

Museum of the Future
The Museum of the Future, a unique initiative by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, explores the future of science, technology and innovation and is located in Dubai. Affectiva's emotion-sensing technology is featured within the museum.

Kung Fu Panda 3 uses technology to communicate emotion
The Washington Post
Creating a kids movie poses unique challenges: How scary should it be? How do you make it simple enough for kids but compelling enough so that adults don't spend 90 minutes wishing for the sweet release of death? And how many butt jokes is the right number of butt jokes?


Did You Know That...
We now have a Unity plug-in so that developers can build emotion-aware games with Affectiva’s technology in Unity 3D.

Contact to get access to the Unity plug-in.
Free eval of Emotion-Sensing SDK
You can now add real-time emotion-sensing capabilities to your own mobile apps, devices and digital experiences. Available for iOS, Android and Windows you can get a free evaluation of our SDK here:


Emotion Lab '16 | March 4 - 6
Join Affectiva for an exciting, weekend-long hackathon during which participants will create emotion-aware technology. You will get to use Affectiva's emotion-sensing SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows. We'll provide a selection of interesting devices, and together we will design the future of emotion-aware AI.

Can AI Systems Really 'Think'? SXSW | March 14
Rana el Kaliouby will join this SXSW panel to discuss if AI systems really "feel".

Game Developers Conference | March 14-18
Affectiva will showcase how emotion recognition technology is transforming gaming. Come play emotion-aware games, including biofeedback thriller game Nevermind in our booth #2405 in the GDC Expo Hall.

Collision | April 26 - 28
Rana el Kaliouby will speak to a number of panels at Collision. More details in the next newsletter.

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