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How many different emotions exist?
In a recent article, Professor Aleix M. Martinez and his research team at Ohio State University’s Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences indicated that there are 15 recognizable combined facial expressions—adding to the commonly accepted six basic emotions popularized in the 1960s by Paul Ekman. Martinez’s findings have been quite controversial, especially among adherents of the Basic Six. But detecting just six basic emotions—happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust—is too restrictive. In our view, people naturally express complex combinations of emotions, and to reduce the amazing tapestry of human facial expressions to a mere six emotions is…unnatural. As a consequence, from the outset, we have built expression detectors to accommodate the rich array of human facial expressions.

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How are you feeling today? Soon your app could know
Fast Company
Imagine if your exercise tracking app could also tell when you looked tired after a run. Or if the online class you were taking could flag the teacher when you looked confused. Today, websites and apps already track our every click and scroll. Soon they could be tracking our emotions, too.
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Why you should get excited about emotional branding
Smashing Magazine
Globalization, low-cost technologies and saturated markets are making products and services interchangeable and barely distinguishable. As a result, today's brands must go beyond face value and tap into consumers' deepest subconscious emotions to win the marketplace.
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Mom was right — actions do speak louder than words
"People don't think how they feel. They don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say." What a powerful statement. Read it one more time. It is an admission of failure and a vision of the future in one, sweeping statement. And it was made by a “grand-master” of an industry that has based much of its lifeblood on asking people questions.
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One size does not fit all for real-time customer engagement
CMS Wire
The days of blanketing large groups of customers with messaging are gone. There is no one size fits all for customers, but faced with pressure to produce higher return on diminishing budgets, the customer engagement dilemma becomes more difficult for advertisers by the day.
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Affectiva understands the importance of emotions — in every aspect of our lives. It shapes our experiences, our interactions and our decisions. In an increasingly technology-driven world, emotion is either absent or oversimplified. Our mission is to digitize emotion, so it can enrich our technology, for work, play and life.

With backing from The National Science Foundation, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, and WPP, we have created a strong commercial track record with Affdex, an automated facial coding solution that combines stellar science, cutting-edge IP and scalable SaaS infrastructure.

Based on a strong foundation of MIT science and Silicon Valley SaaS, our company is leading the effort to emotion-enable technology. Starting with media and ad research, we are proving the value of integrating real emotional insight.

Affectiva makes list of '50 Most Innovative Companies In Market Research'

From GRIT: "The overall message message here is that these firms are associated with aspects of innovation within the marketplace and their positioning on the GRIT 50 list indicates significant brand recognition and affinity with these attributes. These brands can use this information to adjust their messaging as needed in light of their strategic branding goals, and of course other firms looking to compete effectively can also leverage this analysis to help with their own positioning."

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