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Affectiva raises $14 million to bring apps, robots emotional intelligence
Tech Crunch
Affectiva, the global leader in emotion recognition software announced that Fenox Venture Capital led its $14 million recent round of additional growth capital, on top of the $20 million previously raised. The investors include IT Services giant CAC Holdings, Bandai Namco and Sega Sammy Holdings that is the multinational video game developer and publisher in Japan — all LPs in Fenox funds. The investment will be used to drive the company's continued innovation in Emotion AI and to further accelerate rapid growth into global markets. Read more in this TechCrunch article.

Confirmit and Affectiva sense market emotions with new partnership
Confirmit has partnered with Affectiva, a pioneer in emotion recognition technology, to provide Market Research organizations and Voice of the Customer programs with the detailed personal sentiment and behavioral insight needed to understand the role of emotion in driving consumer spending and loyalty.

Free webinar — Face It: Emotion Recognition is the Future of Research
Research heavily relies on asking people to share their opinions to understand what makes them tick and what factors prompt their behavior so they can drive that behavior in a direction that benefits their clients. Considering that up to 90% of all purchase decisions are made subconsciously, brands and researchers have to dive deeper into the consumer's subconscious mind, especially their unfiltered and unbiased emotional responses. Learn more in this free webinar by Confirmit and Affectiva. Join June 22 at 11am EDT. Register here.

5 startups changing the future of gaming
Yoav Vilner writes: "If my five-year-old nephew is already begging his mom for virtual reality glasses, clearly, you don't have to be immersed in the startup or gaming world to know that the games industry is innovating — and quickly." Affectiva is listed as one of five startups changing the future of gaming.

Affectiva helps machines understand human emotions [interview]
Machines don't know what it's like to have feelings. Yet for most of us, emotions are the prism through which we view our lives. What seems like a benign request when we're in a good mood can seem like nagging when we're stressed. We tolerate jokes from our loved ones that we'd never suffer from someone we can't stand.

Bored with study? The new wave of edubots will find a way to spark your interest
Financial Review
An online learning program which can tell when a student is becoming bored and inattentive is one of the key developments forecast to reshape university education in Australia in the next five years. The 2016 NMC Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education says that so-called "affective computing" will soon be coupled with online learning platforms to encourage students to keep their minds on their work.

Face up to it: Emotion detection transforms market research
Research Live
Understanding emotions is hugely powerful in market research. We all know that facial expressions are strongly linked to emotions, and research organisations have analysed facial responses by human observation of video for many years.

Pondering Nerdcast interview: Forest Handford of Affectiva and Nevermind
Pondering Nerds
This episode of the Pondering Nerdcast interviews Forest Handford, Affectiva's DevOps Lead, Games Evangelist and overall swell guy and Nevermind, about Affectiva's Emotion AI software that has added a unique layer of emotion to the Nevermind game.

Data set for an emotional revolution
If marketers thought big data couldn't get any bigger, they had better think again: it's time to add another element to the already complex mix. Futurist Tracey Follows, whose job it is to think years beyond the rest of us, says that the single most important piece of data brands will soon need is based on one simple thing: human emotion.

Throwback Thursday: TED Talk with Rana el Kaliouby
A year ago Affectiva co-founder and CEO, Rana el Kaliouby, delivered a TED Talk on how she is bringing emotional intelligence to the digital world. Over 1.2 million people how viewed her talk, don't miss out. See it here.


Did You Know That...
Affectiva is hiring! If you are a scientist with computer vision, machine learning, deep learning expertise, join our team to help build artificial emotional intelligence (Emotion AI).

Affdex SDK now on Linux and Mac OS X
Our emotion recognition SDK is now available for Linux and Mac OS X, in addition to iOS, Android and Windows. Get your free eval here: affectiva.com/sdk


Free webinar by Confirmit and Affectiva | June 22
In this free webinar "Face It: Emotion Recognition is the Future of Research," learn how the combination of Affectiva's Emotion AI and Confirmit's Market Research and Voice of the Customer platform yields unique new consumer insights.

Playcrafting Boston Summer Expo | June 23
Affectiva Games Evangelist Forest Handford will show the Nevermind Game emotion-enabled with Affectiva's Emotion AI SDK!

ISTE 2016 | June 26 - 29
Jim Deal, Affectiva's Director of Market Development, will attend this premier education technology conference. Contact jim.deal@affectiva.com if you would like to meet to discuss how emotion recognition technology can be used in Education.

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