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Why audiences hate hard news, love pretending otherwise
The Atlantic
Derek Thompson writes: "You may not realize this, but we can see you. Yes, you. The human reading this article. We have analytics that tells us roughly where you are, what site you've just arrived from, how long you stay, how far you read, where you hop to next. We've got eyeballs on your eyeballs."

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B-to-B decision-makers are people, too (really)
AD Age
Does emotion work well in business-to-business marketing? Maybe not, many people would say. Making an organizational purchase has different considerations than buying a new shaving cream. And a bad decision for shaving cream may produce minor skin irritation, but a bad decision with third-party vendors could cost someone his job. So, the thinking traditionally goes, the organization needs information, not emotion.
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Emotional marketing in branded ads
Creative Guerrilla Marketing
We are an emotionally driven society. We respond to images that speak to us, that spread more than just a product or service’s message by touching on subjects that resonate on a deeper level. Because of this, if a brand fails to connect emotionally with their customers and consumers, their marketing potential is extremely limited. Based on this idea, identifying the emotional triggers of a target market is critical for success when creating branding and marketing campaigns.
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Decisions are emotional, nological: The neuroscience behind decision making
Big Think
Think of a situation where you had bulletproof facts, reason and logic on your side and believed there was absolutely no way the other person could say no to your perfectly constructed argument and proposal. To do so would be impossible, you figured, because there was no other logical solution or answer. And then the other person dug in his heels and refused to budge. He wasn't swayed by your logic. Were you flabbergasted? This is similar to what many negotiators do when they sit down at the table to hammer out a deal.
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Sad men: How advertisers are selling with emotion
Anybody who's watched commercials on TV lately will recognize this formula: We meet a character — a grizzled dad or an adorable baby — then add some measure of adversity, the music turns hopeful and then there is an emotional conclusion. As your tears roll — hopefully — you are then hit with the tagline. This type of marketing is called "sadvertising," and it's everywhere.
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Schlesinger Associates introduces Affdex Discovery™

Schlesinger Associates introduces Affdex Discovery™, a facial coding tool specifically developed for moderator use in focus groups and in-depth Interviews, to passively measure emotional response to stimuli.

Case Study: How Affectiva, 20|20 Research made facial coding work for qualitative researchers

When global consumer emotions analytics and insights expert Affectiva wanted to extend their product offerings into the world of qualitative research, they formed a strategic partnership with 20|20, the leader in digital qualitative methodologies, to develop, refine and market a globally available qualitative facial coding platform.

Affectiva understands the importance of emotions — in every aspect of our lives. It shapes our experiences, our interactions and our decisions. In an increasingly technology-driven world, emotion is either absent or oversimplified. Our mission is to digitize emotion, so it can enrich our technology, for work, play and life.

With backing from The National Science Foundation, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, and WPP, we have created a strong commercial track record with Affdex, an automated facial coding solution that combines stellar science, cutting-edge IP and scalable SaaS infrastructure.

Based on a strong foundation of MIT science and Silicon Valley SaaS, our company is leading the effort to emotion-enable technology. Starting with media and ad research, we are proving the value of integrating real emotional insight.

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