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The Power Of An Emotion Engine
Rana el Kaliouby delivered a talk at TEDWomen about how she is bringing emotional intelligence to the digital world. The talk, which is available online and has had more than 400,000 views, tackles how our devices are a critical part of our everyday lives — except when it comes to knowing our emotional state.

Daniel McDuff of Affectiva named WIRED Innovation Fellow 2015
WIRED has named Daniel McDuff, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist at Affectiva for WIRED Innovation Fellow 2015 — one of 12 emerging stars from fields as diverse as music and gastronomy to engineering. Daniel builds and utilizes scalable computer vision and machine learning tools to enable the automated recognition and analysis of emotions and physiology.

What Emotion Reading Computers Are Learning About Us
Fast Company
Sad? Well, what if your fridge knew and gave you a funny panda video instead of that carton of ice cream? In this Fast Company article, Rana el Kaliouby talks about how technology will not only improve how we interact with machines, but ultimately also how human beings interact with each other in a digital world.

How To Teach A Machine To Recognize Emotions
Jay Turcot, lead scientist at Affectiva, explains in clear and simple language the computer vision, machine learning and deep learning science that underlies Affectiva's emotion sensing and analytics technology. In this two part blog, Jay explores our data and algorithms. See Part 1 here.

The Computer Learns To Feel
Die Welt
German newspaper Die Welt published an in-depth article on the field of Affective Computing, Rana el Kaliouby's work and Affectiva's emotion analytics and sensing technology.

Software That Knows What Your Face Is Really Saying
CA Rewrite
In collaboration with WIRED and ARS, CA Rewrite explores how emotion analytics promises new insight into true feelings behind facial expressions.

Did You Know That...
People 50 years and older are 25 percent more emotive than younger people? (An insight derived from our massive emotion database.)
Find Our App On Google Play
The AffdexMe demo app is now available on Google Play. AffdexMe is a basic Affectiva app that demonstrates the use of the Affdex Android SDK. It uses the front-facing camera on your Android device to view, process, and analyze live video of your facial expressions of emotion.

A Talking Teddy Bear Practicing In the Pediatric Hospital
The New York Times
Boston Children's Hospital has developed, in collaboration with Dr. Cynthia Breazeal of MIT Media Lab and Jibo, a robotic teddy bear. This social robot, called Huggable, can help alleviate anxiety, pain and isolation for children in a hospital.

A Lot Of Feelings: What 'Inside Out' Gets Right About The Brain
The Washington Post
Enthralling, puzzling, frightening and unpredictable: That's the world moviegoers confront in Pixar's new animated film "Inside Out," set inside the somewhat fractious mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley. The film itself takes an interesting glimpse into the inner turmoil of a pre-teen brain and how the emotions really are in control.

'Inside Out' Sparks A Dialogue Around Emotions
Rana el Kaliouby blogs about how the new Disney Pixar movie "Inside Out" depicts how emotions matter and that this is sparking a dialogue around emotions, making emotions more mainstream.

How The Brain Regulates Memory, Mood
News Medical
Scientists are one step closer to understanding how the brain regulates memory and mood, thanks to the discovery of two distinct types of stem cells.


International Startup Festival 2015
Affectiva's co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Science Officer, will speak at the International Startup Festival 2015 this summer in Montreal. Register with the special Affectiva code to get a 15 percent discount

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