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The Mood-Aware Internet of Things
In today's hyper-connected world of smart devices and appliances, our technology has lots of IQ, but no EQ and lots of cognitive intelligence, but no emotional intelligence. What if technology could understand our emotions? What if the Internet of Things was mood-aware?

Emotion recognition technology shows promise for telemedicine
In the world of telemedicine, the ability for a medical professional to discern what the patient is feeling can be useful in the healing process. Emotion recognition technology can provide value.

Faces, Emotions and Insights: Q&A with Affectiva Principal Scientist Daniel McDuff
Breakthrough Analysis
An interview with our very own Daniel McDuff on our emotion analytics technology and our emotion data

Emotion sensing pitch contest
The Boston Globe
Partners Healthcare hosts a pitch contest for tech that senses emotion. The "pitch-off" was announced recently and will run until September. The winning ideas will be showcased at the annual Connected Health Symposium this year.

Meet the Waltham company that's using big data to analyze your emotions
Boston Business Journal
The Boston Business Journal provides an overview of Affectiva. "Companies are beginning to understand that if you have insight into human emotional behavior, it adds value. It's another data point that gives insight." - Gabi Zijderveld, VP Marketing and Product Strategy, Affectiva

TrueCar Light Emotion Data, a unique sensory experience for concertgoers
Santa Monica Daily Press
This summer, at the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series, concertgoers can experience a unique sensory experience. TrueCar L.E.D. (Light Emotion Data), powered by Affectiva, captures real-time, crowd-sourced emotive information and creatively displays data with a dazzling, interactive LED light show to transform the traditional concert experience.

We know you love our product: we can see it in your face
In the future, advertising will allow us to see what truly interests us, and we won't have as much of a need to weed out the noise we don't want.

Did You Know That...
You too can emotion-enable your apps and digital experiences with our emotion-sensing technology! Give it a whirl with the free evaluation of our SDKs at: affectiva.com/sdk
Find Our App On Google Play
The AffdexMe demo app is now available on Google Play. AffdexMe is a basic Affectiva app that demonstrates the use of the Affdex Android SDK. It uses the front-facing camera on your Android device to view, process and analyze live video of your facial expressions of emotion.


Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards
On Thursday, July 30, Rana el Kaliouby of Affectiva, Frank Jimenez of the Hershey Company and Steve McLean of WildBlue Technologies, will speak at the annual Ad Age Small Agency conference. In a fireside chat, they will discuss how brands can harness the power of human emotions to improve both physical and digital experiences, using the Hershey Smile Sampler, powered by Affectiva, as an example.

Daniel McDuff, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist at Affectiva and WIRED Innovation Fellow 2015, will speak at TEDxBerlin on September 6 on our emotion data and analytics.

Your face could seal your fate in court
Huffpost Science
You might think that if you were to sit on a jury for a murder trial, you'd be a fair and impartial judge of the facts. But new research suggests that just the way an accused killer's face looks could inform whether you think he or she is guilty or innocent — and what punishment you think he or she deserves.

Sentiment analysis (Part 1): Tackling visual images and facial coding
PR Newser
"Now social media is awash in still and moving images that can be analyzed," said Seth Grimes, founder of Alta Plana Corporation and organizer of the recent Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York. Indeed, as real world applications of sentiment analysis continue to grow, it's not just text being examined: Visual and video analytics and facial coding offer technologies to assess other forms of attitudinal information from consumers.

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