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Study: Humans can make more than 20 distinct facial expressions
The Atlantic
Researchers from the Ohio State University suspected that there's more to the human condition than these six simplest states of being. For example, as they wrote in a study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "Appall is the act of feeling disgust and anger with the emphasis being on disgust; i.e., when appalled we feel more disgusted than angry. Hate also involves the feeling of disgust and anger but, this time, the emphasis is on anger."

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20|20 Research offers 'untethered' facial coding
The research technology and services firm recently announced a collaboration with Affectiva to support and distribute its facial coding technology for use in qualitative research settings. According to the press release, the latest technology can be used "anywhere there is a computer with a webcam and the internet."
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The science of emotion in marketing: How our brains decide what to share and whom to trust
Every day it seems like we feel hundreds of different emotions — each nuanced and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. According to science, it's not that complicated by a long shot. A new study says we're really only capable of four "basic" emotions: happy, sad, afraid/surprised and angry/disgusted.
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What marketers should know about human emotion and what drives an ad's success
Fast Company
Neuroscience tells us we make decisions primarily unconsciously and emotionally. But there's a gap between what scientists say and what marketers do. Strategies remain based on insights into markets, not truths about neurobiology. If we want to be experts in connecting emotionally we need to know what that actually means. It's as if we're playing a game without even knowing how it's being played.
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Behavioral tracking, neuroscience tools for sustainable innovation
The Guardian
A new set of tools and technologies has emerged over the last several years to measure the behaviors of consumers. These tools, if used responsibly, transparently and without violating people's privacy, hold important potential for better understanding consumer behavior with respect to sustainability.
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A doll named Sue

At Affectiva, we're often asked about the accuracy and robustness of our facial expression classifiers in real-world conditions. Classifiers are the machine learning algorithms that interpret and report emotion metrics obtained from the face.

To our delight, this question gets to one of the core strengths of our Affdex solution. With experience gained from thousands of media tests collecting millions of face videos worldwide, we're eager to tout our industrial-strength classifiers, capable of accurately processing facial videos gathered in the most demanding circumstances. Overall, our hardened classifiers boost accuracy and preserves panelist incidence rates in challenging real-world situations.

Affectiva understands the importance of emotions — in every aspect of our lives. It shapes our experiences, our interactions and our decisions. In an increasingly technology-driven world, emotion is either absent or oversimplified. Our mission is to digitize emotion, so it can enrich our technology, for work, play and life.

With backing from The National Science Foundation, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, and WPP, we have created a strong commercial track record with Affdex, an automated facial coding solution that combines stellar science, cutting-edge IP and scalable SaaS infrastructure.

Based on a strong foundation of MIT science and Silicon Valley SaaS, our company is leading the effort to emotion-enable technology. Starting with media and ad research, we are proving the value of integrating real emotional insight.

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