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How machines are learning to read your mood
PBS News
At a time when people are concerned about what data can track and how it can be sold, it is an advance that clearly raises concerns. But it may also yield some important benefits. The NewsHour's April Brown takes a look, part of our weekly series on the Leading Edge of science and technology.

SDK on the spot: True emoji key app reads, communicates with emotions
True Emoji Key, an Affectiva user, is the ultimate emotional intelligence app that will help bridge the gap between humans and machines. It will help in promoting better and faster communication with our devices, by facilitating them to understand and read our facial expressions and access specific content/features as a result of that. We interviewed True Emoji Key's maker, Sumesh Dugar, on how the app works, the process of developing it, and what he thinks is the future of emotion-enabled applications.

Making your marketing crazy effective with emotion
Guest blog by Tom Shapiro, CEO of Stratabeat
Nike's most iconic marketing campaign, "Just Do It", says absolutely nothing about the product. It says nothing about the technology. It says nothing about the design. What it does is evoke an emotive response. Rather than being transactional, it's aspirational and motivational. And that's precisely why it's so powerful.

Emotions in your web browser
At Affectiva, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of Emotion AI — a term that we have coined to describe the intersection of human emotions and artificial intelligence. Our scientists and engineers accomplish this through collecting an ever increasing amount of data. This data improves our science which creates better machine learning algorithms.

EmotionAI for chat bots: The next wave of Artificial Intelligence
A few weeks back we attended MobileBeat 2016 in San Francisco to learn more about artificial intelligence and chatbots. While the purpose of chatbots seems to be limited today, we envision a world of possibilities with this technology.

Looking for love in online places: Emotion for dating apps
The sheer amount of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes transitioning to online dating practically makes the use of online dating platforms a necessity. Most of these platforms have a model in which an account is created using a few photographs and a short description of one's self. Users then vet other interested parties, typically by swiping to indicate interest or disinterest. This model has been successful thus far, but judging someone based solely on a few selfies and a 160 character tweet is incredibly impersonal.

How emotional arcs can help brand storytelling, as revealed by AI
Emotion plays a crucial role in effective storytelling — including brand storytelling. Whether it's love, humor, nostalgia, suspense or even sadness, emotion gives content meaning. A powerful, emotional story reveals the heart and soul of a brand, helping the audience connect on a more fundamental level.

Olympic wrestlers tune in to artificial intelligence 'songbots'
Argentinian goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea used to urinate on the pitch, certain French rugby players like to headbutt each other and Serena Williams apparently never changes her socks during a tournament — but as athletic rituals go, listening to music composed by a robot has got to be up there.

Say cheese: The hidden power of smiling
Smiling — the purest expression of happiness — has the ability to regulate our blood pressure, strengthen our immune system, lower the risk of cancer, increase our life by seven years, and provide inner peace and satisfaction. The good news is that it doesn't cost a thing, yet unfortunately, an average adult smiles only 20 times a day (in comparison, an infant or toddler smiles up to 400 times a day).

Smile, you're on camera: The future of emotional advertising
Born from MIT's Media Lab, Affectiva allows advertisers to record and analyze human emotional responses based on subtle, involuntary facial cues. The insights generated by this software completely surpass other creative testing methods by providing a treasure trove of accurate, objective and on-demand data.

Your bra, phone or computer can now read your emotions — What does that mean?
Bernard Marr via Linkedin
How would your computer respond if you looked frustrated or upset? Could your phone comfort you if you were sad after getting a call? Could your smart home adjust the music, lighting, or other aspects of the environment around you after you’ve had a bad day at work — without being asked?

You and your dog share a language: The feelings written on your faces
Dogs, as anyone who's ever shared a home with one knows, are often uncannily adept at reading human emotions. Most dog owners have some story or another of a time their pet just seemed to know that they were feeling sad and were in need of a good cuddle. Consider Zeus, a small fluffball who noted his owner's tears and — according to his owner's telling — brought her an odd little gift to cheer her up.


Did You Know That...
We have have an Emotion AI evangelist, Boisy Pitre, who will work closely with developers on building amazing emotion-aware solutions with our technology. Reach out to him at to discuss your project: he would love to hear from you!
Affectiva Unity Plug-In
Emotion-enable your games, apps and digital experiences developed in Unity 3D with Affectiva's Unity plug-in. Get your free trial by emailing:


Tech in Asia | September 6 | Tokyo
CEO Rana el Kaliouby will be interviewed on stage during "Emotion AI: How an MIT Startup is Humanizing Technology."

Tech Crunch Disrupt | September 12 - 14 | San Francisco
TechCrunch Disrupt is the world's leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups, introducing game-changing technologies and discussing what's top of mind for the tech industry's key innovators.

Tech Week | September 12 - 18 | Kansas City
Tech Week will feature new technology and entrepreneurism, networking events, a hackathon and our own Gabi Zijderveld as a speaker.

DMEXCO | September 14 - 15 | Cologne
Affectiva is sponsoring this event of global business and innovation. It will be the hotspot for leading thinkers of the digital economy.

Neura SDK Hackathon | Now - September 23
The Neura SDK allows you to tune your product's performance to each individual user. With your user's permission, you can easily and accurately analyze their tech ecosystems, activities, habits and metrics.

NYME | September 26 - 29 | NYC
New York Media Festival is where innovation and influence meet. Affectiva will both sponsor and speak at the event.

O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference | September 27 | New York City
Where cutting-edge science meets new business implementation, CEO Rana el Kaliouby will give an opening keynote address. It's a deep dive into emerging AI techniques and technologies with a focus on how to use it in real-world implementations.

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