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An Origin Story: Affectiva
Rana el Kaliouby blogs about the origins of Affectiva, delving into how she co-founded the company with Dr. Rosalind Picard. She writes: "By bringing emotional intelligence to our devices and digital experiences, I believe we can close the empathy gap — fostering better ways for us to connect with each other as humans, and building more likable and persuasive machines that can bring positive change to our lives. So that got me thinking — what if our devices could read and respond to our emotions? What if our digital experiences were emotion-aware?"

Affectiva featured on CBS Evening News
Don Dahler of the CBS Evening News reports on Affectiva's emotion-reading technology by trying it out himself as well as speaking to Rana el Kaliouby in an interview. This segment also includes demos of a video content test and the emotion-enabled StarWars droid BB-8.

Webcast: The Story of Unspoken Emotions in Advertising: Augmenting Surveys with Facial Expression Analysis and Eye Tracking
Please join The ARF for a free webinar at 1 p.m. EST on November 12 as Affectiva President and CEO, Nick Langeveld, and iMotions Founder and CEO, Peter Hartzbech, present on emotion analytics in advertising and how their new solution augments the traditional survey approach with facial expression analytics and eye tracking. Click below to register today.

Interview with Affectiva's Daniel McDuff — WIRED's Innovation Fellow 2015
Daniel McDuff, Ph.D., Director of Research at Affectiva, has been named WIRED Innovation Fellow 2015 — one of 12 emerging stars from fields as diverse as music and gastronomy to engineering. McDuff spoke at the flagship event, WIRED2015 on October 16. In this interview, he talks about his work in emotion analytics and the future of emotion technology.

The empathy economy is booming — Facts are out, feelings are in
T Magazine — The New York Times
The empathy economy is booming. Facts are out, feelings are in. Branding is supposedly not about what something says, or what it means, but how it makes us feel. A brand is a promise. It's the putative guarantee of the emotional payoff on an investment in a particular product, place or individual.

New iMotions 5.7 integrates Affectiva's emotion technology and adds other exciting new features
Digital Journal via SBWire
iMotions announced a major software release of iMotions 5.7, the leading biometric research platform. In addition to integration with Affectiva's emotion analytics technology, it includes the innovative integration of automated areas of interest for eye tracking glasses, live visualization for Tobii glasses 2, as well as the addition of other hardware integrations and platform improvements.


Did You Know That...
In the U.S., pet care and baby care ads elicit the most enjoyment. In Canada it's the cereal ads!

An interesting insight from Affectiva's massive emotion database.
Free Eval of Emotion-Sensing SDK
Developers, creative agencies, designers and makers can emotion-enable their apps and digital experiences with our emotion-sensing technology! Give it a whirl with the free evaluation of our SDKs at: affectiva.com/sdk

The promise of emotion-enabled augmented reality
In this blog Forest Handford, the DevOps Lead at Affectiva, explores what augmented reality would look like it it used emotion recognition technology, enabling for example rapid feedback on an interaction, and helping create ingroup feeling.

Can a Google Glass app help kids with autism read emotions?
Slate Magazine
In his first year at Stanford, Catalin Voss helped build an app for Google Glass that could recognize emotions. The Glass software will help autistic children recognize and understand facial expressions and, through them, emotions. It operates like a game or, as Voss calls it, an "interactive learning experience."


Connected Health Symposium 2015 | October 29
Affectiva demos in the Startup Pavilion at the Partners Health Connected health event on October 29 in Boston, while Chief Strategy & Science Officer Rana el Kaliouby speaks on a panel named, "Brain-Computer Interface: The Mind-Machine Connection Tracks and Interprets Our Thoughts, Expressions and Movements."

German American Conference | October 30
Affectiva demos and Rana el Kaliouby presents at Harvard University on October 30.

NYC TechBreakfast | November 2
Forest Hanford, Affectiva DevOpsLead, demos emotion technology at this Nov 2 tech meetup in NYC.

Web Summit | November 4
Rana el Kaliouby, speaks at Web Summit in Dublin on November 4.

Digiday Programmatic Summit | November 15
Rana el Kaliouby delivers a keynote the morning of November 15 entitled, "Imagine Your Device Could Read How You Feel."

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