How NASA prepare their astronauts by using vacuum chambers

How NASA prepare their astronauts by using vacuum chambers

Vacuum chambers are used by NASA as part of their vigorous pre-flight testing as they can replicate the extreme temperatures, lack of atmosphere, and lighting conditions that occur in space allowing them to prepare better for when they are really out there.


Vacuum advances in biotechnology

Vacuum advances in biotechnology
Vacuum Coating & Technology

Surface characterization of materials presenting biological and/or biochemical interfaces (i.e. bio-interfaces) are of great interest for medical and pharmaceutical industry. Bio- implants, anti-fouling properties, and other biomedical or diagnostic devices are some of the new and emerging biotechnologies that are based on solid-liquid bio-interfaces...

Golden secrets: Uncovering how the Palme d'Or is made

It is in Geneva, Switzerland, that the Palme d’Or, one of the world’s most coveted trophies, is designed and fabricated. Artisans at a Geneva-based jeweller spend no less than 40 hours hand-crafting the trophy.

Building better rechargeable batteries

Purdue University is working with MIT and Stanford University in a project funded by the Toyota Research Institute to improve rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and accelerate their integration into electric and hybrid vehicles.


Coatings expand cutting tool capabilities, reach new markets

When first introduced in the late 1970s, cutting tool coatings — especially titanium nitride (TiN) — were embraced by tool manufacturers for their ability to extend tool life. As workforce materials have expanded from conventional ferrous and nonferrous metals to exotic alloys, composites, ceramics, and others, coatings have likewise progressed and, thanks to new formulations and deposition methods, are extending cutting tool capabilities as well as tool life.

The benefits of parylene deposition for implantable medical devices

Parylene provides precisely deposited protective conformal coatings for medical implants, enabling the specific device purpose despite challenging physical configurations. Other performance properties amplify parylene’s ability to withstand operational duress throughout surgical implantation and long-term use in the body.

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