New Double-glazing Solar Power Device to Open up New Opportunities
Tech You N Me | Researchers from the University of Warwick have designed a new, thing, and double-glazed solar power device – essentially a window that has a transparent outer pane and conducts electricity. READ MORE

Aluminum Evaporation
Aluminum is a very popular material for evaporation. We have many different sources that can be used to successfully evaporate aluminum. However, there are a few common problems that occur when evaporating this material. One problem that you may be aware of that aluminum wets to most surfaces and does not stay in the evaporation area, we call this migration.

The other, more significant problem is that molten aluminum is very corrosive and will corrode through most surfaces and cause the boat or box to break during the evaporation process. Spitting is not normally a problem. Tungsten is the most resilient of the materials to this corrosiveness. READ MORE
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Laser evaporation technology to create new solar materials
Printed Electronics World | Materials scientists at Duke University have developed a method to create hybrid thin-film materials that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to make. The technique could be the gateway to new generations of solar cells, light-emitting diodes and photodetectors. Perovskites are a class of materials that—with the right combination of elements—have a crystalline structure that makes them particularly well-suited for light-based applications. READ MORE

Unlocking the growth of thin films on polymers
Advanced Science News | Many of today’s new products are built around polymer substrates. The light weight and sometimes flexible products have advantages over more traditional glass and metal. However to make them truly useful and robust, coatings have to be applied to the polymers. Today’s modern manufacturing sector, from electronics to automotive to biomedical devices, use physical vapour deposition to create coatings. READ MORE

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