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New thin films can self-repair following damage
Printed Electronics World
Separating one chemical from another may sound incredibly dull, but it's vital to making everything from plastic dishes to cleaning drinking water. Chemical separation accounts for 10 to 15 percent of the nation's energy use. The relatively thick nature and inefficiency of these separation techniques adds to the amount of energy used. Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and East China Normal University devised and tested a thin-about as thin as the skin of a soap bubble-film composed of a special type of molecules called peptoids that can repair itself, similar to the self-repair seen in cells of living organisms.

Modern techniques for high temperature nanoindentation
AZO Nano
Nanoindentation is a well-established technique that is used for testing the hardness of extremely small volumes of materials, and sometimes even single crystals, using a pyramidal or conical indenter tip to deform the material. With the introduction of commercially available high-temperature testing equipment, nanomechanical testing methods have been refined over time.

Quantum optical sensor for the first time tested in space
For the first time ever, a cloud of ultra-cold atoms has been successfully created in space on board of a sounding rocket. The MAIUS mission demonstrates that quantum optical sensors can be operated even in harsh environments like space – a prerequisite for finding answers to the most challenging questions of fundamental physics and an important innovation driver for everyday applications.

Nano-coating enhances revenue protection
Information Age
The latest research from IDC shows that less than 10% of phones offer water resistance, yet liquid damage costs the industry $96.7 billion.The smartphone market is still going strong. It’s continued to grow, and as the market becomes ever more crowded and ever more technologically sophisticated, retaining customers is critical for companies’ survival, and differentiation in an increasingly homogenous sector is key.

Nanofibers and thin-film biomaterials as orthopedic scaffolds
Chemists at the University of Helsinki have created a method of using nanofibers and thin-film biomaterials as orthopedic scaffolds to help regenerate bones and to help implants settle into their new home. The nanofibers are made of electrospun hydroxyapatite, a naturally occuring mineral form of calcium apatite.

Custom coatings: Extending the life of rotating equipment
The latest surface coating technologies offer massive improvements to the expected service life of compressors, turbines and pumps that are subject to surface oxidation, corrosion, erosion and heat damage.


Alumina Coated Evaporation Sources
The R. D. Mathis Company offers alumina coated sources for some specific coating applications. The advantage of this type of source is good thermal transfer and the inertness of alumina with most metals.

Also, the evaporant does not wet the alumina which eliminates resistance changes in the boat when the evaporant melts. Due to the non-wetting characteristics the evaporant forms a sphere when melted resulting in "point source" performance. The alumina coated source also provides longer life compared to the unprotected source.

Alumina coated oats are also available with a “barrier Style” coating which allows wetting to the dimple area, but prevents the material from migrating out of the evaporation area. This is ideal for the evaporation of gold when better uniformity is required. We also offer alumina coated tungsten basket sources as well. These offer the benefit of reaching high temperatures with low current. Visit our online store to view all of our alumina coated evaporation sources.

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