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Do you need more power?

The "LV Series" is a low-voltage, high-current AC power supply. The power supply's primary use in the thin film industry is supplying power to resistance (thermal evaporation) sources. The low-voltage, high-current AC power supplies were designed to meet a growing need for versatility and reliability in the industry. Units incorporate a hand held control that allows an operator more freedom to move closer to the viewing port or the monitoring instrumentation.

Moths inspire antireflective coating that could help devices capture light
Chemical & Engineering News via Scientific American
A new antireflective coating inspired by the compound lenses in moth eyes could help boost the efficiency of solar cells and sharpen the view of image sensors. Using a simple method to stamp patterned lenses over large areas, researchers in Singapore have come up with a process that could make manufacturing such coatings easier

New way to purify arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes a step toward post-silicon circuits
The exceptional properties of tiny molecular cylinders known as carbon nanotubes have tantalized researchers for years because of the possibility they could serve as a successors to silicon in laying the logic for smaller, faster and cheaper electronic devices.

The Fresnel Coefficients
SVC Bulletin
The optical properties of surfaces, and particularly their reflectance and transmittance, are of fundamental importance to us, and yet it was relatively late in the development of optics when we could at last make accurate calculations of their properties.


What you need to know about gold Evaporation
Gold evaporation is a popular but troublesome process. Gold, when molten, has 2 issues:
    1) it is corrosive and will eat through the boat eventually, and;
    2) gold will try to migrate to cooler areas of the boat (where it is mounted).
Our alumina coated tungsten boats are ideal to solve these problems. For example, with the S21-AO-W, the entire dimple area is coated with alumina. This prevents the gold from wetting to the tungsten thus eliminating migration and corrosion. However, this boat takes about 30 percent more power than an uncoated boat due to the alumina coating.

On the other hand, our S42B-AO-W barrier style boat, solves the migration issue by letting the gold wet to the dimple area, but the AO coating prevents the gold from leaving the dimple area. The .010” thick tungsten is thick enough to withstand the corrosiveness for a few runs. We also offer high purity gold pellets in a variety of sizes and quantities.

What you need to know about aluminum evaporation
Aluminum is a very popular material for evaporation. We have many different sources that can be used to successfully evaporate aluminum. However, there are a few common problems that occur when evaporating this material. One problem that you may be aware of that aluminum wets to most surfaces and does not stay in the evaporation area. The other, more significant problem is that moltent aluminum is very corrosive and will corrode through most surfaces and cause the boat or box to break during the evaporation process. Spitting is not normally a problem. Tungsten is the most resilient of the materials to this corrosiveness. Below are some things to consider when choosing the right source for your application:

A) What is the maximum current you have available to apply to the source?
B) How thick of a coating are you attempting?
C) What is the distance from the source to the substrate?
D) Are you evaporating in an upward direction?
E) What length source will fit in to your mounting points?

After reviewing the information above, you may be able to select the right source for your process. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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