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Whiskey drops inspire coatings technology
European Coatings
As a whisky drop dries, a combination of molecules in the liquid ensure a spatially uniform deposition - a finding that could inspire coating technologies. Researchers from Princeton University, explored whisky’s secret by measuring the fluid motion within evaporating droplets. The results showed that a combination of molecules - surfactants and polymers - help guide the deposition process in whisky, according to a synapsis of the research.

Nanocrystal inks used to build flexible transistors
Physics World
A high-quality, flexible transistor, made entirely from colloidal nanocrystals, has been developed by a team in the US. By sequentially depositing their components in the form of nanocrystal "inks," the researchers could make transistors using standard industrial methods, without the need for high-temperature, high-vacuum specialist equipment.

Novel anti-biofilm nano coating developed
Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have developed an innovative anti-biofilm coating, which has significant anti-adhesive potential for a variety of medical and industrial applications. According to the research published in Advanced Materials Interfaces, anti-adhesive patches that are developed from naturally occurring biomaterials can prevent destructive bacterial biofilm from forming on metal surfaces when they are immersed in water and other damp environments.

Researchers accidentally make batteries last 400 times longer
Popular Science
Smartphones, tablets, and most other electronics rely on rechargeable batteries, but after a few thousand uses the batteries start to lose their ability to hold a charge. The batteries of today are mainly lithium, and over time that lithium corrodes inside the battery. Instead of lithium, researchers at UC Irvine have used gold nanowires to store electricity, and have found that their system is able to far outlast traditional lithium battery construction.

Orion crew capsule will be shielded by silver for future missions
Daily Star
NASA showed off a new look for its Orion crew capsule, future versions of Orion will now sport a shiny, metallic coating that will cover a large portion of the vehicle’s outer surface. The coating is part of Orion’s newly updated thermal protection system, which protects the spacecraft from the extreme hot and cold temperatures it experiences during space missions.

New two-dimensional 'borophene' sheet
Three-dimensional bulk boron is non-metallic and is used in semiconductor chemistry. However, theoretical studies and prior work in trying to isolate two-dimensional boron show that two-dimensional boron should have metallic properties. To date, only one two-dimensional boron allotrope has been identified.


Tungsten Evaporation Source Filaments
The R. D. Mathis Company offers a comprehensive selection of tungsten metalizing filaments to fit your thin film coating needs. Choose from tungsten coiled filaments, tungsten rod sources, point sources, loop filaments, tungsten heater filaments or tungsten baskets (visit our online store to view tungsten filament evaporation sources). Tungsten filament evaporation sources offer ease of use, low power requirements, large coverage areas and low cost. Most catalog parts are offered in single strand or multiple strand tungsten wire configurations with varying wire diameters.

Our flexible tooling and manufacturing techniques allow us to offer modifications to any of our standard evaporation sources or create custom sources to fit your specific coating requirements. Large production or small custom orders are produced with equal ease while attention to detail and customer specifications are rigidly adhered to. Engineering consultation is available to provide innovative and creative solutions to your difficult "source" problems.

We fabricate electron beam filaments to your specifications. Tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum wire cut to size is available on request.

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