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Tufts researchers develop coating that may prevent fruit deterioration
Wall Street Journal via Fox News
Food waste is a big problem, and produce is particularly vulnerable. Largely due to spoilage, 40-50 percent of the world’s fruit and vegetable output is wasted, according to a U.N. estimate, along with a great deal of labor, water and energy.

Trends in PVD coating technologies and their markets
Society of Vacuum Coaters
The main reasons for using hard PVD coating technology is improvement of substrate materials, resulting in an improved tool life for instance or reduced wear and friction. In this article the trends in three main markets for PVD coating technology, the tool market, tribological coatings for automotive engines and the decorative coating market, are being explored.

Reversible adhesive can be turned on and off as required
Reversible, temporary adhesives may not sound all that exciting to some, but to a manufacturer that needs to rapidly move small, difficult-to-handle components or a robot-builder creating a machine that can climb various surfaces, such products are the thing of dreams. Now researchers at the Max Planck Institute have created a reversible adhesive from the metal gallium that displays reversible glue-like properties that could have applications in everything from industrial electronics pick-and-place processes and short-term silicon wafer bonding, to feet for climbing robots.

MIT research shows nanoparticle catalysts could reduce need for precious metals
Materials that increase the speed of a chemical reaction without being used up in the process, called catalysts, lie within many technologies, right from vehicle emissions-control systems to high-tech devices like electrolyzers and fuel cells. Unfortunately, catalysts are often costly as they generally contain one or more noble metals, like palladium or platinum, both of which have limited supplies.

Hot new solar cell
MIT News
A team of MIT researchers has for the first time demonstrated a device based on a method that enables solar cells to break through a theoretically predicted ceiling on how much sunlight they can convert into electricity.

Gone with the wind: Argonne coating shows surprising potential to improve reliability in wind power
Despite the rigors of scientific inquiry and the methodical approaches of the world's most talented researchers, sometimes science has a surprise in store. Such was the case when a group of researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Akron discovered that a particular form of carbon coating not necessarily designed for wind turbines may indeed prove a boon to the wind industry—a serendipitous finding that was recently highlighted in the journal Tribology International.


What you need to know about gold Evaporation
Gold evaporation is a popular but troublesome process. Gold, when molten, has 2 issues:
    1) it is corrosive and will eat through the boat eventually, and;
    2) gold will try to migrate to cooler areas of the boat (where it is mounted).
Our alumina coated tungsten boats are ideal to solve these problems. For example, with the S21-AO-W, the entire dimple area is coated with alumina. This prevents the gold from wetting to the tungsten thus eliminating migration and corrosion. However, this boat takes about 30 percent more power than an uncoated boat due to the alumina coating.

On the other hand, our S42B-AO-W barrier style boat, solves the migration issue by letting the gold wet to the dimple area, but the AO coating prevents the gold from leaving the dimple area. The .010” thick tungsten is thick enough to withstand the corrosiveness for a few runs. We also offer high purity gold pellets in a variety of sizes and quantities.

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