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Nanotechnology driven sports equipment: To the next level
Vacuum Technology and Coating
Innovations bring a maze of complexities to a sport, but elevate the performance level of an athlete and reduce the chances of injury, making sport more enjoyable for the spectators and the athletes. The world of competitive sport is highly influenced by even the minute changes in sports equipment, which could be a matter of winning or losing. In recent times, the sports equipment industry has emerged as a sophisticated yet commercially viable hi-tech industry where advances have revolutionized sports.

Deposition technology: Thermal evaporation
Vacuum Technology & Coating Weblog
Deposition technology is the backbone of thin film technology. It is based essentially on the history of improved adatom energetics, higher deposition rates, thickness uniformity, large area coverage, and of course, cost. This technology can be tracked from thermal evaporation and electrochemical deposition in the 1930’s (starting as early as the 1870’s) to advanced processes such as atomic layer deposition (ALD) and high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPMS).

Clean water that's 'just right' with new sensor solution
Scientists combined basic research on an interesting form of carbon with a unique microsensor to make an easy-to-use, table-top tool that quickly and cheaply detects disinfection byproducts in our drinking water before it reaches consumers.

Harmless elements can replace toxic lead in electronics
Most smartphones and other electrical or electronic products contain small amounts of lead, which doesn't sound like a big problem on its own. But when there are many billions of such products, either in daily use or gone astray, the total sums up to very large amounts of lead – which is a toxic heavy metal.

Solar power will kill coal faster than you think
Solar power, once so costly it only made economic sense in spaceships, is becoming cheap enough that it will push coal and even natural-gas plants out of business faster than previously forecast.


Choosing the right source for your evaporation process
The right source for your process will depend on many factors. The first thing you will need is to have our complete catalog sent to you, if you do not already have one. Please let us know your complete mailing address and we will send one right away if needed. This will give you all of our standard part dimensions, power requirements and pricing along with other useful evaporation information. This information is also available on our website at www.rdmathis.com.

Factors to consider when choosing a source:
  1. What is minimum & maximum length of source that will fit in to your mounting scheme?
  2. What is the throw distance? (source to substrate)
  3. What material will you be evaporating?
  4. Which source material is compatible with your evaporant?
  5. What temperature will you be reaching?
  6. How much power do you have to heat the source (amperage)?
  7. What capacity will you need to achieve your desired thickness?
  8. Are you evaporating in an upward, downward or sideways direction?
These are some of the factors that will help determine the right source for your needs. If after determining the answers to the above factors, please give me a call if you need further assistance

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