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Super coating for solar cells enhances sustainability of solar panels
The use of these high-efficiency cells has increased the share of solar power in the overall energy supply of the world. However, these cells are not sufficient in desert regions. Rather than being efficient, cells that can withstand the harsh conditions and thrive in dusty regions are required in places like UAE.

How reduced vacuum pumping capability in a coating chamber affects the laser damage resistance of HfO2/SiO2 antireflection and high-reflection coatings
Optical coatings with the highest laser damage thresholds rely on clean conditions in the vacuum chamber during the coating deposition process. A low-base pressure in the coating chamber, as well as the ability of the vacuum system to maintain the required pressure during deposition, are important aspects of limiting the amount of defects in an optical coating that could induce laser damage.

Highly efficient single-junction GaAs thin-film solar cell on flexible substrate
There has been much interest in developing a thin-film solar cell because it is lightweight and flexible. The GaAs thin-film solar cell is a top contender in the thin-film solar cell market in that it has a high power conversion efficiency (PCE) compared to that of other thin-film solar cells.

Treated bioactive coating improves bone-implant bonding
Machine Design
Researchers at North Carolina State University revealed test results of a heat-treated bioactive coating for use on polymer bone implants to improve bonding to surrounding bone, known as osseointegration. The implant is made of polyether ether ketone, or PEEK—a material that has found common use in bone implants because it has similar mechanical properties. It also resists degradation in aqueous and organic environments.

The evolution of the vapor jet (diffusion) pump
Vacuum & Coating
This column focuses on the evolution of the diffusion, or more properly, the vapor jet pump. Up until the early 1900s the only jet pumps that were known were the water and steam jet aspirators and ejectors.


Gold And Aluminum Evaporation Tips
Be sure to read ahead for tips on gold and aluminum evaporation. Gold can be successfully evaporated by a variety of methods. Boats, Baskets, crucibles, and filaments are the most common types of sources used. However, gold, when molten, has 2 issues. Aluminum is a very popular material for evaporation. We have many different sources that can be used to successfully evaporate aluminum. However, there are a few common problems that occur when evaporating this material.

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