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These colorful solar panels could be the wave of the future
Architectural Digest
Can attractive design help spread the use of solar power? It’s a question that a team of professors at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland have answered with a resounding yes, creating a wall along a Dutch highway that serves both as a visually appealing sound barrier and source of renewable energy.

See-through solar could turn windows, phones into power sources
National Geographic
Anyone who has sweltered in a south-facing office during the summer knows the power of solar energy streaming through a window. In fact, no reputable urban architect today would design such a workspace without treated windows to reduce the sun's glare and heat. But what if the window coating could do better than keep out the sun?

Low- and zero-VOC technology
Coatings World
The importance of developing sustainable products remains one of the major issues for the paint and coatings industry. From OEM equipment manufacturers to DIY consumers, environmentally friendly products are increasingly being sought. Coatings manufacturers recognize how important it is to deliver low- and zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) products and offer their customers sustainable solutions.

Using XPS to evaluate the elemental and chemical composition of wear resistant coatings
AZO Materials
The role of additives is crucial in lubricating oils as it creates friction-modifying layers on metal surfaces. Wear resistant layers are deposited on steel surfaces using overbased calcium sulfonate additives.


Choosing the right source for your evaporation process
The right source for your process will depend on many factors. The first thing you will need is to have our complete catalog sent to you, if you do not already have one. Please let us know your complete mailing address and we will send one right away if needed. This will give you all of our standard part dimensions, power requirements and pricing along with other useful evaporation information. This information is also available on our website at

Factors to consider when choosing a source:
  1. What is minimum & maximum length of source that will fit in to your mounting scheme?
  2. What is the throw distance? (source to substrate)
  3. What material will you be evaporating?
  4. Which source material is compatible with your evaporant?
  5. What temperature will you be reaching?
  6. How much power do you have to heat the source (amperage)?
  7. What capacity will you need to achieve your desired thickness?
  8. Are you evaporating in an upward, downward or sideways direction?
These are some of the factors that will help determine the right source for your needs. If after determining the answers to the above factors, please give me a call if you need further assistance

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