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Start-ups aim to turn all windows into solar power generators
Energy Harvesting Journal
Ubiquitous Energy is a Silicon Valley technology company leading the development of transparent photovoltaics with its award-winning ClearView Power™ technology — the world's first truly transparent solar technology. Non-toxic, readily available materials are deposited by industry-standard vacuum deposition techniques common in high-throughput film coating processes, and the low-temperature deposition process can utilize rigid or flexible substrates.

Active Thin Films: Optically Active Thin Films
Vacuum & Coating Technology
Optically active thin films encompass a wide range of materials and phenomena, including optical emission and absorption, photon activated excited states, stimulated emission, photorefractive materials, nonlinear optical materials, optoelectronic processes, evanescent waves ,negative refractive index materials, surface plasmons, plasma frequency, and more.

Protecting metal from corrosion with ultrathin 2D coating
Coating made of 2D atomic layers is an emerging option for the protection of metal and various other substrates from corrosion. Compared to traditional anti-corrosive coating materials such as inert metals and conductive polymers, 2D atomic layers are much thinner and more stable under extreme conditions, and therefore very promising as the next-generation anti-corrosive coating material.

Building a better battery, large and small
University of Rochester
A University of Rochester researcher is helping develop next-generation batteries that will be small enough to fit into clothing – and others that will be large enough to power an electric vehicle. If Wyatt Tenhaeff and his colleagues succeed, miniature batteries would expand the use of personal fitness trackers, implantable medical devices, active RFID tags to track pets and objects, and other small devices connected to the Internet.


The R. D. Mathis Company "Baffled Box" Silicon Monoxide Source
The R. D. Mathis Company “Baffled Box” Silicon Monoxide Source, SiO source, has proven to be an extremely successful method of depositing Silicon Monoxide. Source material is positioned in the boat within separate cavities, when heated it follows an indirect path through a series of baffles and then out of the exhaust chimney. The substrate cannot see the bulk material at any time. This essentially eliminates any chance of spitting and streaming which causes pinhole type defects.

Many of the sources shown are available with up, down or horizontal exhaust ports. Custom fabrication and larger volume sources to fit your specific process needs are available upon request.

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