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How NASA prepare their astronauts by using vacuum chambers
Vacuum chambers are used by NASA as part of their vigorous pre-flight testing as they can replicate the extreme temperatures, lack of atmosphere, and lighting conditions that occur in space allowing them to prepare better for when they are really out there.

Vacuum advances in biotechnology
Vacuum Technology & Coating
The vacuum assisted microfluidic technique has been employed for microfluidic perfusion cultures for mammalian cells that provides a novel means for probing single-cell behavior. Researchers presented a novel trapping design to easily and reliably load a high density of cells into culture chambers that were extremely isolated from potentially damaging flow effects.

Laser annealing in thin-film chalcogenide photovoltaics
Thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) solar cells have become a viable alternative to established crystalline silicon technologies in terms of both cost and efficiency. However, to compete with conventional electricity generation, manufacturing costs need to be further reduced. One of the bottlenecks in cost is thermal annealing of the semiconductor light-absorbing layer.

Ever drenched your phone? This heated vacuum chamber can dry out handsets in less than an hour
A bag of rice, a hair dryer and an oven are the usual tools used to save a smartphone or tablet that accidentally took a swim. But a new firm has developed a solution that claims to remove 100 percent of the moisture from most portable electronic devices in less than an hour.

Solar power capacity tops coal for the first time ever
Solar power now accounts for more installed capacity than any other form of electricity generation, according to new data out recently. “About half a million solar panels were installed every day around the world last year,” the Paris-based International Energy Agency said in a new report on the renewables sector, as emerging markets in particular bet heavily on green power.

Material domains in porous thin films form functional devices in optofluidics
An important requirement for the development of thin films for functional applications is the customisation and structural control of the layers, in particular, of the shape and size of mesoporous channels. Very promising results are obtained when these porous surfaces are grown in one single step by promoting the anisotropic assembly of atomic and molecular gaseous species onto a substrate by operating at oblique geometries.


Micro-Electronic Sources

Our Micro-Electronic sources represent a full line of smaller size sources that are similar to the standard size sources in our catalog. The overall length on these sources is slightly less than 2 inches, in most cases. The smaller sources are ideal for lower power systems or processes that require small amounts of evaporants.

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