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New coating is too slippery for bacteria to grow on
It's hard for biofilm to develop on the surface of an object if bacteria can't latch on to it. Scientists believe a new, ultra-low adhesive coating could thwart bacterial growth before it starts by making medical implants and other devices extra slippery.

Active thin films: Electro-optic effects in thin films
Vacuum Technology and Coating
Electro-optics (EO), or photonics, involves materials and components, devices and systems which operate by the propagation and interaction of light with various tailored materials, and includes electro-optic, Kerr, Pockels and photorefractive effects. Thus it concerns the interaction between electromagnetic (optical) and electrical (electronic) states of materials.

The world's largest solar plant is now online in India
Popular Mechanics
The world's largest solar power plant has just been completed in Kamuthi, in Tamil Nadu, India. The new plant adds 648 MW to the country's generating capacity. The Kamuthi Solar Power Project takes the title of world's largest solar plant from the Topaz Solar Farm in California, which was completed two years ago and has a capacity of 550 MW.

Quantum particles form droplets
In experiments with magnetic atoms conducted at extremely low temperatures, scientists have demonstrated a unique phase of matter: the atoms form a new type of quantum liquid or quantum droplet state. These so called quantum droplets may preserve their form in absence of external confinement because of quantum effects.

New technique for structural color, inspired by birds

A peacock’s bright teal and brilliant blue feathers are not the result of pigments but rather nanoscale networks that reflect specific wavelengths of light. This so-called structural coloration has long interested researchers and engineers because of its durability and potential for application in solar arrays, biomimetic tissues and adaptive camouflage. But today’s techniques to integrate structural color into materials are time-consuming and costly.

Better than milk on breakfast cereals: New precision coating method for industrial granular material
Deposition of a thin film catalyst of a predicted thickness on the surface of novel hydrogen storage microbeads helps release hydrogen. As anyone who eats their cereal with milk in the morning knows: coating large volumes of granular material homogeneously is no mean feat. In a recent paper published in EPJ D, an Austrian team has developed a new method, based on physical vapour deposition, to upscale the quantity of coating without affecting the quality and homogeneity of the film.


The R. D. Mathis Company offers a full range E-Beam Liners
The R. D. Mathis Company offers a full range E-Beam Liners in a variety of sizes and materials for immediate integration into your E-Gun and thin film coating process. The attached flyer shows the different material and sizes that we offer as standard parts. Custom sizes are available on request. More information about our E-Beam liners can be found on our website also. Ordering can be done on our website by using our shopping cart, or by email or by placing a call to our office.

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