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Take your flock to these prime birding locations

If you are one of the 47 million bird watchers in America, there are some locations that just have to be seen. Depending on the species of birds you would like to spot in the wild, there are wildlife reserves and celebrations in every region of the country. The country spans multiple migratory flight patterns so you have the chance to see birds that are only around during certain seasons. Take your fellow birding enthusiasts to the location of your choosing with a Trailways charter bus.

For the group that is looking to go somewhere on the East coast for birding, there are plenty of great options. One that tops many lists is Mount Desert Island inside Acadia National Park in Maine. During the spring and summer months, the Gulf of Maine thaws out and comes to life. As a bonus, this is one of the few places in the continental U.S. where you can see Atlantic Puffins in the wild, not to mention the chance to see a whale while identifying terns. Don't miss the 21st Annual Acadia Birding Festival, where your group can participate in morning walks, lectures and other adventures. This is a great time to engage with fellow birders and learn plenty for all future birding expeditions as well.

If you love birds of prey, the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland would be a great destination for your group trip. Blackwater boasts being the place where the greatest density of breeding bald eagles call home. Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel are also making a comback, and you group could be lucky enough to spot them. Visiting the refuge will provide exciting bird viewing and also some respite from the world as your group enjoys the beauty of nature. Nestled in between Norfolk, Virginia and Washington, D.C., you can explore this scenic place without being too far from other noteworthy locations.

Cape May, New Jersey is a beautiful place perfect for a vacation with your group. Proximity to the sea and natural preserves means there is a broad rnage of bird species that can be spotted. The diversity in this area makes it a natural choice for the World Series of Birding, an even where team try to identify as many unique species as possible in one day. Whether your group thinks they could compete or wants to sit on the sidelines, this would be a once in a lifetime experience for any bird enthusiast.

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A tropical getaway appeals to many people, but what you might not think of is group trips. For bird lovers, the gulf coast is a no-brainer, and your list should start with Grand Isle, Louisiana. As Louisiana's coast erodes, Grand Isle has become an essential barrier island and location for birders. The warm, humid climate makes this island home to Roseate Spoonbills and American Flamingos — a bucket list sighting! Make your group bus trip in April to join in that famous Louisiana party lifestule at the Migratory Bird Festival. This event provides a great chance for your group to participate in bird banding, hikes and boat tours.

Another location where spotting similar rare birds and animals is likely is in and around Everglades National Park in Florida. Here the mangroves are crowded with wading birds and alligators, a spectacular destination for any group trip! The nearby Audubon-sponsored Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary should be another stop on your trip, if youíre really lucky youíll catch the rare 'Super Ghost OrchidĎ in bloom.

Texas lies right on the Central Flyway and other migratory patterns, perfect for bird lovers! Your group doesnít have to venture far from any exciting cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston or Corpus Christi to see a variety of birds. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge outside of Corpus Christi is one of the best places to view Whooping Cranes now that they've bounced back from the brink of extinction

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Your group doesnít have to go to a tropical location to get a great opportunity for bird watching. The Great Lakes provide everything birds and other wildlife need, making this a popular location for birds and enthusiasts alike. Let Trailways take your group to the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, and hit as many stops on the Lake Erie Birding Trail as you want. Stroll the boardwalk at Magee Marsh, a popular stop for all types of warblers during the spring. Among the cattails of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge you'll have the chance to see Bald Eagles and flocks of Dunlin on the water. Another great option for spending the day with your group is Crane Creek State Park. During westward expansion of our country, this land was a big obstacle to be overcome. Nowadays itís a place of refuge for humans and wildlife. After youíve completed your excursion, enjoy the views of Lake Erie over a group picnic lunch. Whichever of these, or others, suits your groupís needs, youíll have no shortage of bird viewing, photographing and comradery in this region of Ohio.

If your group wants equal chance to learn about techniques and also get the experience of a lifetime, look no further than the Chequamegon Bay Birding & Nature Festival in Ashland, Wisconsin. This 3-day festival packs a punch with field trips, seminars and socializing events. Each year the staff keeps track of all the species seen, with a record of 185! In Ashland, the birds arenít the only sight worth seeing. The entire city is right on the shore of Lake Superior, and near the beautiful Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Make sure your group plans to explore these 'Jewels of Lake Superior', for a relaxing and beautiful day on the island.

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There is no shortage of places throughout the country that is great for birding. The West coast draws both birds and people to its beautiful scenery and great weather. Another great benefit of your group heading west is that an entirely different set of species can be found in this region. Head to the deserts of Arizona and Saguaro National Park. You might think of a barren wasteland, but this landscape is home to many unique birds such as quail and Mexican Jays. Tucson, Arizona loves its birds, and bird people! Cave Creek Canyon is another great spot to enjoy the day, and there are even birding resorts nearby that would be perfect to accomodate your whole group.

California is always a great vacation spot, and itís also great if your group wants to do some birdwatching. Although there are so many options in this large state, Monterey Bay stands out for a few reasons. Right off the Pacific Ocean and Redwood National Park, there is something for every traveler. Your group may come across a variety of shore birds, ducks and eagles during your explorations; there are also several places you might see sea lions sunning themselves on the beach. Plan your visit for September and enjoy the Monterey Bay Birding Festival as well.

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Bird watching is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone, from almost anywhere. Thatís part of what makes so many people enjoy it. What better way to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day than with a stylish road trip on a Trailways bus? An excursion to any of these locations would be a great way to enjoy time in nature with a group of friends or your birding club. Relax in the comfortable seats while swapping stories of exciting finds and Trailways will get you to your next destination with ease.
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