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How powerful is your personal brand?

As we hear of challenges from around the world and as markets shift, we can no longer rely on job security. Climbing up the corporate ladder in a singular firm is no longer the norm. In fact, looking into the crystal ball, we all may be self-employed private contractors...

source: C. Fredrick Crum
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After years in the wilderness, a lot of federal and provincial time has been spent this year debating Canada's track record on workplace training. With $2.5 billion alone going from the federal coffers to training — mostly from the Employment Insurance premiums...

source: Financial Post

Canadian employment in the professional, scientific and services sector hit a record high in December, while factory jobs continued to decline. The structural shift from lower-skilled manufacturing to higher-skilled professional, scientific and services requires substantial...

source: The Globe and Mail

The Canadian MBA is rising in popularity. QS data shows the biggest jump in MBA study destinations is in Canada, fuelled by tasty job prospects. More Canadian business schools are also creeping up the rankings' tables and salaries are buoyed by a stable economy. Business...

source: Business Because

Investment in the nation's talent pipeline must be a collaborative effort that includes academia, government, industry and professional societies, among others. Engineers themselves must lead the charge in helping society understand...

source: Huffington Post

To explore what's really going on in graduate recruitment and to try to identify some possible solutions, The Engineer convened a roundtable panel from across the engineering community. The discussion covered the reasons behind the skills mismatch what can be done to address...

source: The Engineer

Most hiring managers will at some point pop this dreaded interview question: "What's your biggest weakness?" Asking this is similar to sifting through resumes looking for a reason not to hire a person, says Lynn Taylor, a...

source: Financial Post


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