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How powerful is your personal brand?

As we hear of challenges from around the world and as markets shift, we can no longer rely on job security. Climbing up the corporate ladder in a singular firm is no longer the norm. In fact, looking into the crystal ball, we all may be self-employed private contractors...

source: C. Fredrick Crum
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Investment in the nation's talent pipeline must be a collaborative effort that includes academia, government, industry and professional societies, among others. Engineers themselves must lead the charge in helping society understand...

source: Huffington Post

The evidence is mounting that, whatever the Temporary Foreign Worker Program may be accomplishing, it is not the alleviation of temporary labour shortages, its ostensible purpose. There are no widespread labour shortages in Canada. But...

source: The Globe and Mail

To explore what's really going on in graduate recruitment and to try to identify some possible solutions, The Engineer convened a roundtable panel from across the engineering community. The discussion covered the reasons behind the skills mismatch what can be done to address...

source: The Engineer

East Carolina University moved forward in a major way when the UNC Board of Governors approved a new name for the College of Technology and Computer Science. It is now "The College of Engineering and Technology." At the same time, ECU was granted approval to offer a master's...

source: Reflector

Thanks to a partnership with NASA, students in Florida will be designing prototypes in engineering classes, deconstructing space garments used in fashion design courses, testing material in chemistry labs, and writing about the project for English assignments. Across the...

source: The Sacramento Bee

Growing environmental and health concerns have motivated research activities toward developing more-efficient polymeric flocculants and adsorbents for water clarification. The polymers that are reviewed in this work cover...

source: Huining Xiao


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