EDTA contributes electric drive facts and statistics to discussion on clean, renewable and efficient energy

The Electric Drive Transportation Association announced that it will be a contributor to a new resource for reporters, policymakers and members of the public engaged in the discussion on clean, renewable and efficient energy. Launched by the American Council on Renewable Energy, EnergyFactCheck.org is designed to be a realtime tool providing news, comprehensive data, contacts and source information for those seeking reliable answers to the biggest questions in the energy debate.

Speaking in New York City before more than 600 investors, financiers and industry executives attending ACORE's Renewable Energy Finance Forum — Wall Street, ACORE President and CEO Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn outlined the key features and targeted audiences for the website and its related Twitter feed, @EnergyFactCheck. "Clean and renewable energy is popular, productive, growing and essential to America’s economy, energy independence and national security," McGinn said. He continued, "EnergyFactCheck.org and @EnergyFactCheck will help ensure that the facts about our industry are front and center."

According to ACORE, EnergyFactCheck.org's main features are as follows:
  • "The Fact Check, where users will find fact-based answers to the most common or newsworthy claims against renewables;
  • Energy Issues, detailing the most relevant and current news, reports and analyses of renewable energy's costs, jobs, deployment, investment, national security and related issues;
  • Direct links to infographics, videos and other multimedia resources for downloads and reposting;
  • Energy Contacts, a centralized contact list for experts in the industry; and
  • Energy Library, a searchable database of the most recent and relevant government and third-party studies and analyses of renewable energy in the United States."
EDTA participated in the development of site content by providing statistics and evidence that show expanding the electrification of the U.S. transportation sector offers unique potential to provide economic, energy security and environmental benefits to the country. With U.S. gas prices still at an average of more than $3.50 a gallon, it's easy to see why enthusiasm for electric and hybrid vehicles is growing. EDTA will continue to deliver the most up-to-date information on battery, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell electric drive technologies and infrastructure to ACORE and its partners. We encourage you to visit www.EnergyFactCheck.org and www.twitter.com/EnergyFactCheck.