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Managing the seismic risk posed by wastewater disposal
EARTH magazine    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
From an earthquake perspective, 2011 was a remarkable year. While the devastation accompanying the magnitude-9.0 Tohoku earthquake that occurred off the coast of Japan on March 11 still captures attention worldwide, the relatively stable interior of the U.S. was struck by a somewhat surprising number of small-to-moderate earthquakes that were widely felt. More

 Society News

GS membership reaches all-time high
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This week, Geochemical Society membership crossed a milestone by reaching an all-time high of 3,660 members in 59 countries. The countries with the largest number of members are: United States (1,770), Canada (258), Germany (222), United Kingdom (210), Australia (181), China (159), Japan (148), France (136) and Switzerland (74). This milestone passes the 3,643 membership mark set last year. Member distribution by continent (see figure) is 55.5 percent North America, 25.5 percent Europe, 11.6 percent Asia, 5.7 percent Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), 0.9 percent South America and 0.6 percent Africa.

Software for the Water Planet

Diagrams, reactions, kinetics, microbes, and reactive transport in one package. The standard in geochemical modeling since 1991. Download new release now for early adopter pricing.

New in GCA (v84, 01 May 2012)
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Experimental validation of environmental controls on the δ13C of Arctica islandica (ocean quahog) shell carbonate

Predominant floodplain over mountain weathering of Himalayan sediments (Ganga basin)

Allanite behaviour during incipient melting in the southern Central Alps

Along and across arc geochemical variations in NW Central America: Evidence for involvement of lithospheric pyroxenite

Factors controlling the abiotic photo-degradation of monomethylmercury in surface waters

Co/Ni ratios at taenite/kamacite interfaces and relative cooling rates in iron meteorites

Evaluation of isotopic fractionation of oxygen ions escaping from terrestrial thermosphere

A high resolution δ13C record in a modern Porites lobata coral: Insights into controls on skeletal δ13C

Boron and oxygen isotope systematics for a complete section of oceanic crustal rocks in the Oman ophiolite

Gold solubility in arc magmas: Experimental determination of the effect of sulfur at 1000 °C and 0.4 GPa

Partitioning of Ru, Rh, Pd, Re, Ir and Pt between liquid metal and silicate at high pressures and high temperatures - Implications for the origin of highly siderophile element concentrations in the Earth's mantle

An initial investigation into the organic matter biogeochemistry of the Congo River

 Latest News

EAG sponsored sessions at EGU General Assembly 2012
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The European Association of Geochemistry is a proud sponsor of 12 geochemistry sessions at the EGU General Assembly going on this week in Vienna. Additional information on conveners and schedule can be found at Drop by the EAG booth, ground floor, entrance hall (yellow level, booth 14) for additional information and copies of Geochemical Perspectives and Elements.

Webstreaming at EGU 2012
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Selected sessions as well as all press conferences during the General Assembly 2012 will be live-streamed and are also available on demand after the conference. Of potential interest to geochemists are: Press conference 6 - Soils and greenhouse gases And Press conference 12 - How critical are strategic mineral resources?

Thin skinned and wrinkled, Mercury is full of surprises
Universe Today    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Until relatively recently, Mercury was one of the most poorly understood planets in the inner solar system. The Messenger mission to Mercury, is changing all of the that. New results from the Mercury Laser Altimeter (MLA) and gravity measurements are showing us that the planet closest to our sun is thin skinned and wrinkled, which is very different from what we originally thought. More

Thermal and electrical conductivity of iron at Earth's core conditions
Nature (paid subscription required)    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Earth acts as a gigantic heat engine driven by the decay of radiogenic isotopes and slow cooling, which gives rise to plate tectonics, volcanoes and mountain building. Another key product is the geomagnetic field, generated in the liquid iron core by a dynamo running on heat released by cooling and freezing (as the solid inner core grows), and on chemical convection (due to light elements expelled from the liquid on freezing). More

Formation of the 'Great Unconformity' as a trigger for the Cambrian explosion
Nature (paid subscription required)    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The transition between the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic eons, beginning 542 million years ago, is distinguished by the diversification of multicellular animals and by their acquisition of mineralized skeletons during the Cambrian period. Considerable progress has been made in documenting and more precisely correlating biotic patterns in the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian fossil record with geochemical and physical environmental perturbations but the mechanisms responsible for those perturbations remain uncertain. More

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