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Trending toward full disclosure
Facility Management Journal
Facility managers are accountable for the environmental performance of the built landscape. Within an organization, the principles of accountability aim to improve internal standards of corporate conduct, as well as external factors that deal with sustainable economic and ecologic strategies. As organizations are meeting the challenges of transparency and full disclosure, the operations and costs of the facility are an integral part of what is communicated to all interested parties.
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What's the most expensive part of installing a floor?
[Advanta Flooring]    Share   
Materials or time? In many cases, the lion’s share of the cost of replacing a floor ends up being the time it takes to install it. Not the quality of the replacement flooring or its projected longevity, but the time operations are shut down and the time it takes to get them back up and running.
How do you solve that problem? Advanta Flooring does it with TUFF-SEAL Hidden Interlock Vinyl Flooring: a commercial-grade floor that can be installed quickly and easily--with very little preparation, and WITHOUT ADHESIVE or fasteners. One that forms a water-tight, ergonomic surface using a patented hidden interlock technology that withstands heavy, rolling loads, and that is eligible for LEED points.
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What the aging workforce means for facility management
Facility Dude
There is a trend in the facility management industry of waves of aging buildings and old infrastructure that, if left unchecked, can lead to a number of costly and time-consuming maintenance issues. But the buildings and assets aren't the only things that are getting older. The U.S. is currently riding the crest of the wave of the silver tsunami — the mass exodus of baby boomers into retirement age. The number of workers who fall on the older end of the spectrum is almost disproportionately high.
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  Benchmark to reduce FM operating costs and justify your FM budget

Through the benchmarking of best practices, FM BENCHMARKING's Premium and Starter Edition methodologies have reduced FMs' operating expenses by 6% after one year and 31% after ten years*.
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* Savings are from median company in database. Half the companies performed better!

The airport of the future
The airport of the future will be less like a sprawling bus depot and more like a large, sustainable park. The number of passengers and aircraft are set to double by 2033, according to Jack Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research, a firm specializing in the travel industry. To adapt to the growing crowds, airports are changing, and a select few are prioritizing sustainability as part of the process.
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'Experimental work landscape' will save us all from sitting
Whether you spend your workdays sitting in a sleek modern swivel chair or the bed you call your "home office," you can be sure that the act of sitting is knocking years off your life. If you're not convinced by the sheer volume of articles declaring sitting the "new smoking," then the logic bears it out: sitting (generally) feels good, so it must be killing you.
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  365-Day, Astronomic Energy Controls

The ET90000 Series ENERGY CONTROLS accommodate relative setpoints or events, plus holiday and exception programming. It detects and adjusts voltages between 120-277 VAC, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. A USB connection and Ethernet capabilities enable easy software updating. Download the PC Application for real-time remote control of the device.


Bad winter forecast calls for safer, more efficient snow removal options
BPT via The Oklahoman
The weather outside is going to be frightful with projected colder-than-average temperatures and heavy snowfall again this winter season. That's the bad news. The good news is that, thanks to newer technologies and product designs, you might not need to be outside in the cold shoveling or blowing all that snow.
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• Managing resources and infrastructure
• Designing exceptional workplace experiences
• Delivering tangible results.

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What utilities face after a successful smart meter rollout
Metering International
As mandated, the rollout target for the U.K.'s smart meter program is to replace 53 million conventional domestic power and gas meters in about 30 million premises by 2020. That will be Britain's biggest home energy technology change for more than 40 years. The EU has set a target of 80 percent of electricity meters within the EU to be smart by 2020.
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The key to smart cities: Begin with the end
By 2025, Frost says that 4.6 billion people, or 58 percent of the world's population, will live in urban areas. In developed regions and cities, the urban population in cities could account for up to 81 percent of total population, posing serious challenges for city planners, who will have to rethink how they provide basic city services to residents in a sustainable way.
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Facilities Maintenance: National Reach. Local Touch.
Delivering world-class building operations, facility maintenance and janitorial services by providing clients with state-of-the-art equipment and expertly trained, highly motivated employees. MORE
Turnkey Design/Furnish & Facility Services
Rightsize creates cost-effective solutions for workspace environments through creative blending of pre-owned, refurbished, and new office furniture. Contact for space planning, decommissioning, and transition services.

Seeking creative ways to deal with food waste at hospitals
Hospitals and health clinics across the world struggle with waste for numerous reasons. Their waste streams are more complicated, due to the various streams they produce and the regulations they have to follow: think of all the bandages, pharmaceuticals and yes, what comes out of the operating rooms as well. Information on how much waste hospitals generate is sparse.
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The future of elevators looks pretty awesome
The Huffington Post
People spend a lot of time in elevators and, over the years, that time can really add up. If you work in an office building in New York, for example, it's estimated you'll spend almost 16 years waiting for an elevator and about six years inside one.
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Engineers invent high-tech mirror to beam heat away from buildings into space
Stanford University via Nanowerk News
Stanford engineers have invented a revolutionary coating material that can help cool buildings, even on sunny days, by radiating heat away from the buildings and sending it directly into space. A team led by electrical engineering professor Shanhui Fan and research associate Aaswath Raman reported this energy-saving breakthrough in the journal Nature.
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Fire Sprinkler System Freeze Protection

The COLLECTanDRAIN™ Models 5400A goes beyond the prevention features of our Model 5100A and 5200A by providing a temperature controlled environment to deter system failures due to freezing condensation. The heated and insulated cabinet contains an auxiliary drain with a float switch to monitor condensation levels.
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Super-lubricate and corrosion-protect all locks…hinges, valves, doors, bolt threads, cables, chains. U.S. Military-grade, all-synthetic micro-particle formula. Won’t freeze or gum up. Resists water, sand, dirt, dust, debris. Semi-dry finish. Longest lasting lubrication protection. Environmentally safe.
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Stringent policy driving energy-efficient buildings across EU
Europe is getting serious about energy efficiency in its commercial buildings. As a result of legislation, mandatory changes to country-level building codes are increasing the performance requirements that apply to new construction and major renovations of existing buildings. These codes are pushing toward the delivery of nearly zero energy buildings by 2019 and 2021 for public and private buildings, respectively.
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Achieve Operational Sustainability Goals Faster
Green Globes is a web-based program for green building guidance and certification that includes an onsite assessment by a third party. - See more at:
NTD Architecture

NTD, a leading provider of comprehensive architecture services to education, healthcare and civic institutions.

Seven ways businesses can accelerate climate progress in the US
The recent historic U.S.-China climate agreement sends an important signal of momentum and progress. This is just a first step, but it is an indication by the two most important players in the climate challenge that we are starting down the path to a low carbon economy. Companies that recognize that signal and take the lead in developing technologies that can accelerate progress will be the winners. Now is the time for the private sector to step up and do more to accelerate progress toward a low-carbon, prosperous future.
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Study: Missing factor in energy-efficient buildings is the people
Click Green
More than one-third of new commercial building space includes energy-saving features, but a new study has found that without training or an operator's manual, many occupants are in the dark about how to use them. New research from Washington State University shows for the first time that occupants who had effective training in using the features of their high-performance buildings were more satisfied with their work environments.
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Top five reasons facility managers still aren't using the right software
Imagine a work place where space is utilized to its optimal potential, helping management know exactly where everyone is at each moment, and one where people movement is easily regulated. Picture a work environment where tangible, valuable assets are easily managed, and a place where employees have a specialized service request tool that allows them to quickly submit work order requests.

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Why the workplace of the future won't give you your own desk
First they came for the offices, replacing four-walls-and-a-door situations with desks in cubicles, even for workers of considerable stature. Now they're coming for the desks themselves.

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Energy-saving impacts of window film
Facility Management Journal
You don't often find an energy-efficiency investment that will positively affect the performance and energy usage of several building systems at once. But recent technology advances have made window film a viable option that holds this promise for commercial buildings. Although you may not be able to get rid of your windows (and you probably don't want to), there are solutions that will help improve their energy efficiency without replacing them — even if the windows are decades old.

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