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MCS 1.6 FREE and 60% OFF our Unity Store Assets. Artist Tools: Create your own MCS content. Use your MCS content in your own games and applications. Sell your content through Morph 3D and Morph Partner Stores!
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Morph 3D is on a path to be the industry standard in character creation and custom avatar design with the revolutionary Morph Character System (MCS).

MCS has already impressed the game, application, and VR world by rolling out the ability to create realistic custom avatars. That means game designers can build or even let their players build their own unique, high quality characters. With the addition of Artist Tools, Morph 3D now gives you even more growth potential by allowing you to design and sell assets you create to other game designers through our many online partners. 

new releases
The Morph Character System (MCS) gives you the ability to create an unlimited range of unique characters perfect for populating games and applications. Instead of developing or purchasing a single character, with MCS you gain access to our library of thousands of ready-made free or for-purchase assets.

Improvements to MCS

The Morph Character System just got super-charged with MCS 1.6. We've drastically trimmed down on memory footprints and increased performance. If you’re targeting VR or mobile this new diet plan means blazing frame-rates to ensure a smooth and truly immersive experience. 

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new releases
Artist Tools
Making your own models functional in MCS has never been easier, which means now your content gains the same dynamic cross-figure capabilities as MCS. Design your content once, then use it on a variety of character and application types, and watch it appeal to a broader audience of players as well as other game developers.
  • Create your own MCS content
  • Use your MCS content in your own games and applications
  • Sell your content through Morph 3D and Morph Partner Stores
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