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Most of your fellow game developers come to a point when they feel trapped in their core genre. From casual to midcore and even social casino, all game creators feel the limitations of a pure genre. You know, it's when your audiences urge you to try something new, and you hesitate or run late to start experimenting with different mechanics. Is there a surefire way to jump into a new niche?

A Houston-based gaming studio called zGames developed several such hybrid titles: a mix of match3 with slot machines, and a battle game with Blackjack mechanics. zGames has articulated gamblification how-to's and best practices. Their articles zoom in on graphics, game economy, data stability, and analytics that will help you leverage the game of luck wisely to ensure a steady cash inflow.




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How to achieve balance in player earn/spend ratio



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What data to watch for to measure performance and tune up your game

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