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Acting on Real-time Behavior: How Peak Games Won Transactions - Presented by: Serdar Sahin, Head of Cloud & Big Data Services, Peak Games and David Rolfe, Director Solutions Architecture, EMEA, VoltDB on Thursday, August 4 at 1pm ET

At any given moment, millions are playing online games. But how do you enhance their experiences and increase retention by making sure each player is both challenged and engaged?

The answer is data. Understanding what’s happening to each player in each game in real time can mean the difference between sending the right push notifications at the right moment, or missing the player’s pattern completely -- and watching them go elsewhere.

When margins are small and every player counts, the ability to understand real-time A/B testing, deliver dynamic pricing, and manage ads and push notifications can mean the difference between a breakout game title, or a one-and-done download.

Register for this webinar to listen to how Peak Games, the makers of Toy Blast and 101 Plus, upped their ante by incorporating a low latency, high throughput, transactional database that simplified their architecture and delivered real-time actionable data - increasing player engagement and ARPU.

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