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Industry insights from leading games analytics company, deltaDNA


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In 2018, the most successful game developers are listening to their players and reacting accordingly - even when those players aren’t saying anything at all. The key to optimizing games is personalization, and analytics tell us what individual players need. Since 2010, we have analyzed data from 1.12 billion unique users and our research has yielded fascinating insights. Read on for some of our personal highlights.
Sharing knowledge is the only way to push the whole industry forward. We regularly release consolidated guides containing our latest insights on given topics. Our most popular industry handbooks are available via the links below.
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Woman on mobile platforms are
the most valuable players
With mobile games hugely popular across many demographics, the cliched image of a ‘typical’ gamer (teenaged and male) is less accurate now than it ever has been. Find out why women are more valuable to today’s industry than men.
Fornite vs PUBG: How
monetization was the real
With a concurrent player count of over 8 million, Fortnite is clearly the king of Battle Royale. How, though, did it win the war with PUBG? The answer lies in how each game approached monetization, with Epic Games‘ Free-to-Play (F2P) stance and content-driven monetization strategy proving to be the difference.
‘Whale’ spenders aren’t as
crucial to F2P mobile games as
they once were
The monetization landscape in F2P has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. We conducted a deep-dive analysis into the spending habits of over 800 million unique users, with fascinating results.
The deltaDNA platform provides cutting-edge analytics with direct access to all of your data. Build complex SQL queries, segment players and benchmark your data against the rest of the industry. These functions help you to understand your players at a deep level and put you in a much better position to interact with them. Action your insights through sophisticated multi-channel messaging campaigns with our engagement tools. Get a uniquely holistic view of the whole game economy today with a free, fully featured, 30-day trial.
DeltaDNA has been providing fast and powerful analytics tools and insight to the games sector‘s leading publishers and developers since 2010, including Take-Two Interactive, Square Enix Montreal, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Wargaming.

At the heart of the deltaDNA offering is the analytics platform, gathering deep and rich player data on 80 million Monthly Active Users (MAU). Complementary engagement tools make the analytics actionable, the smartads mediation service maximizes ad income, and in-house experts from the insights consultancy team provide industry-leading advice and benchmarking.
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