MEMA advocates for industry during DC Day on the Hill

MEMA chair Jonathan Mapes, H.A. Mapes; Treasurer, Mike Estes, Estes Oil; and President, Jamie Py were in Washington last week during PMAA’s Day on the Hill, Board, committee, and regional meetings. Taking specific information and meeting with the Maine delegation, Jonathan, Mike and Jamie spoke with our legislators about:

Jones Act
The problems the Jones Act is causing for supply and the price of heating oil, motor fuels and propane and the possibility of changing the Act to encourage more US built ships at places like Bath Iron Works and thus allow for more Gulf coast products to be shipped to new England. They also asked to assure that the President acts on Jones Act waivers in a timely manner.

EPA Ozone Rule
They urged the delegation to slow down the new EPA Ozone rules, which are set to lower the ozone limits to 60 PPB, which will cause most of the country to out of attainment and thus require costly new emissions reductions programs. 60ppb is background in some dense pine forests due to the pine trees releasing precursors to ozone. Acadia would definitely be in non-attainment due to transport. The cost to this rule is astronomical to Maine and the nation.

Liquid Biofuels for Heating Oil
They encouraged the delegation to support Maine made liquid biofuels which could be made here and satisfy the renewable fuel standards coming from the federal government. Heating oil can be the place to put all of those renewable fuel gallons while at the same time employing hundreds of Mainers. They further discussed the major problems with ethanol and the blend wall fast approaching and asked for a reduction in the quantity of ethanol used in gasoline.

NORA Thanks
Finally, they thanked the delegation, especially Senator Collins, for their support of NORA.