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Valentine's Day: Fast facts from the heart

Ah, sweet Valentine's Day. Loved by some, hated by others, Feb. 14 is unavoidably well-known in America to anyone who shops for groceries, surfs the web or just likes chocolate. The popular date calls for the celebration of love — in many forms and fashion. Whether...

source: By Kaylee Nelson
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More than 200 years ago, a French weaver named Joseph Jacquard invented a mechanism that greatly simplified textile production. His design replaced the lowly draw boy — the young apprentice who meticulously chose which threads to feed into the loom to create a particular...

source: The New Yorker

Some microscopes today are so powerful that they can create a picture of the gap between brain cells, which is thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair. They can even reveal the tiny sacs carrying even tinier nuggets...

source: The New York Times

Geophysicists have long known that Earth's magnetic field, which acts as a vital shield against harmful solar radiation, has flipped many times over the course of its history—most recently, 780,000 years ago—and some scientists believe we are overdue for another...

source: Futurity

What kinds of jobs will machines replace? Can artificial intelligence create art? Do we want robots to help us grieve? And would you let one tickle you? The new exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin wants us to bend our brains around...

source: Irish Times

An informed consumer is a good consumer, and Mensa members are about as informed as one can be. Get your services and products in front of some of the smartest people in America by advertising in the award-winning Mensa Bulletin. This magazine is a member-exclusive publication...

source: American Mensa

By age 45, most of us will need glasses at least for reading. That's because our eyes' ability to accommodate — to change focus to see objects at different distances — degrades with age. In young eyes, the eyeball's crystalline lens changes shape easily, allowing...

source: Smithsonian Magazine


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