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As 2014 comes to a close, NACD would like to wish its members, partners and other industry professionals a safe and happy holiday season. As we reflect on the past year for the industry, we would like to provide the readers of ChemBytes a look at the most accessed exclusive content articles from the year. Our regular publication will resume Jan. 8.

Top 10 Mistakes Interviewers Make
By Mel Kleiman
From Jan. 9: Recruiting and hiring new employees is both an art and a skill. Unfortunately, too few business owners and hiring managers have ever had any training in the proven, best-practice techniques used by employers-of-choice like Disney and Southwest Airlines. Without training, most interviewers just "wing it" — ad-libbing their way through interviews and making decisions based more on instinct and impressions rather than logic. No wonder costly employee turnover is such a constant headache. Here's a list of the most common mistakes interviewers make.
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Preventing the Hazards of Above-Ground Storage Tanks
Heather Rhoades
From Feb. 25: Above-ground storage tanks, or ASTs, are generally used in locations where installing underground tanks is not practical. They can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, and their capacities vary — the smaller ones accommodating as little as 50 gallons, and the larger ones carrying thousands of gallons. But ASTs can prove to be a hazard if they are not installed and maintained as required. These tanks are prone to rusting, stress, corrosion and cracking, and if such deterioration is not dealt with, harmful spills and leakages may occur.
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Why Company Culture is So Important
By Erica Cohen
From Jan. 16: Unless you've spent the last decade or so living under a rock, you've definitely heard the phrase "company culture" being bandied about. And while it's become the center of attention in many discussions about how to build a successful company, I have to wonder if everyone who talks about company culture actually understands what it means and how to create and maintain an authentic one. Let's consider the definition of company or organizational culture and why it matters.
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The 10 Commandments of Hiring and Employee Retention
By Mel Kleiman
From April 17: Recruiting and hiring the right employees is essential to the success of your business. If you are going to succeed, you cannot settle for run-of-the-mill employees. Mediocre employees breed mediocrity, so make sure you recruit and select only the best employees. If you will follow these commandments and remain focused, dedicated and committed to hiring the best, you will soon see that your organization becomes just that — the best.
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3 Steps to Better Office Communication Now
By Catherine Iste
From June 26: I love technology. I even married a software DevOps guy. So I was thrilled when I walked into a new client's office as their interim head of HR and they told me IT reported to me. A treat for me, but perhaps not so much for the IT guy who had previously been left alone and trusted to do his own thing by the mostly professional, nontechnical staff. He told me he had just submitted his assessment and budget. With a copy on its way to my inbox and a follow-up meeting scheduled, I was ready to dive in. What followed was something that happens too frequently when experts communicate with nonexperts.
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A New Paradigm for Older Workers
By Michael J. Berens
From Jan. 30: Results of a recent Gallup study show that large numbers of baby boomers plan to continue working well past the current average retirement age of 61 and even the traditional retirement age of 65. This is both good news and bad news for organizational leaders: good because older workers are valuable employees, bad because many organizations don't know what to do with older workers as they seek to increase opportunities for talented younger employees. Traditionally, retirement has been a mechanism for turning over the labor pool. But for many baby boomer workers, retirement is not the enticing prospect it once was.
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Who Comes First? Customers or Employees?
By Mel Kleinman
From Jan. 23: Who comes first, the customer or the employee? Some argue that running a business is pointless without customers and that making the customer happy comes first. One expert believes that having customers is pointless unless you have employees who will do their utmost every time to create a positive experience for your customers, so making your employees happy comes first.
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Making Hard Decisions: When Leaders Should Say Yes and No
By Scott Steinberg
From July 10: Self-help gurus and motivational speakers worldwide will tell you that "yes" is an empowering word, and indeed it is. "Yes" opens doors and breaks down barriers. "Yes" gets people to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things that help open their minds to new philosophies and perspectives. But "no" is also a powerful word, and one that we all need to employ more in both our personal and professional lives. Here are a few reasons should you get to know it better.
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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control
By Liz Murphy
From Feb. 6: Co-workers and clients aren't the only sources of stress in the workplace. Though it may surprise you, email is also another culprit creating work-related strain and anxiety. In fact, a study released in the U.K. in 2013 revealed that 92 percent of participants exhibited physical signs of elevated stress levels when they received a work email. It's easy to let an inbox to become overwhelming, and unfortunately taking a vacation from your work email is not always possible. But here are five easy ways you can become the boss of your own inbox once again.
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Simple Ways to Use Your Voice for Better Presentations
By Joe Cavalcante
From April 10: Keeping audiences engaged is the key to an effective presentation. One of the easiest and most powerful things you can do is capture them with your voice, and that just requires speaking conversationally. The guiding principles in these techniques are variety and ease of listening. People are lulled by a monotonous voice because it's predictable. Vocal variety keeps people interested and engaged. It also makes it easier and more pleasant to listen to you and your ideas. Here are seven ways to keep your voice novel and hold an audience's attention.
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