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Feb. 5, 2009
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News Spotlight

Children Who Take Vitamins Often Don’t Need Them
from The New York Times
Most children who take vitamins don't really need them, and kids who eat poorly and are most likely to benefit from nutritional supplements rarely get them, a new study reports. "We hypothesized that people who use minerals and vitamin supplements might be using them to cushion the effects of poor nutrition," the lead author said. "We actually found the opposite." More


NPA News

Natural Products Association and Foundation Respond to Study on Vitamin Usage by Children and Teens
from PR Newswire via Forbes
The Natural Products Association and the Natural Products Foundation issued statements in response to a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine titled "Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Use by Children and Adolescents in the 1999-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey." Tracy Taylor, the foundation’s executive director, said in part: "At a time when families are struggling to eat balanced and nutritious meals, this study could be seen as discouraging the use of the very vitamins and minerals that could bridge any nutritional gaps. History has demonstrated that Americans will often forgo purchasing nutrient rich foods in favor of inexpensive fast foods in an economic crunch." More

Have Your Say at Your Day on The Hill
from the Natural Products Association
Tuesday, March 24, 2009, could be one of the most important days on your calendar. Join your natural products colleagues in Washington, D.C. for the 12th annual Natural Products Day, a day of education, advocacy, and celebration. You can make a difference and help us shape healthy public policies. Natural Products Day is an annual lobbying event designed to build the industry’s base of support through personal meetings with members of Congress. Put a face to public policy issues and tell your legislators how you stand on important legislation. There is no cost to attendees and all your meetings are prearranged for you. You can even enjoy a cruise on the Potomac the night before. Go to for full details and to register. More

Whom Do You Admire? Nominate Them

The nomination period for the 2010 Natural Products Association awards is open until Tuesday, March 31. If you wish to nominate a company, individual, or yourself for one of the awards, download the nominations packet at and return the submission form and any supporting materials to the association. Nominations are being accepted for the Burton Kallman Scientific Award, the President’s Award, the Rachel Carson Environmental Award, the Statesman/Stateswoman Award, the Industry Champion Award (formerly the Crusader Award), the Clinician Award, and the Socially Responsible Retailer Award. Don’t miss this opportunity to give recognition to the peers you admire for their contributions to the natural products industry. Have any questions? Call (202) 223-0101 ext. 104.

Federal Focus

Obama: 'I Screwed Up' on Daschle Appointment
from CNN
President Barack Obama admitted he made a mistake in handling the nomination of Tom Daschle as his health and human services secretary, saying Daschle's tax problems sent a message that the politically powerful are treated differently from average people. Daschle, the former Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate, withdrew Tuesday as news that he failed to pay some taxes in the past continued to stir opposition on Capitol Hill. More

USDA Announces Planting Transferability Pilot Project in Seven States
from U.S. Department of Agriculture
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that a new pilot project will permit producers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin to plant such vegetables as cucumbers, green peas, lima beans, pumpkins, snap beans, sweet corn, or tomatoes for processing on base acres under the Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program. "It's an important step in implementing the 2008 Farm Bill, providing farmers with additional sources of revenue, and supporting the production of healthy fruits and vegetables," Vilsack said. More

Obama Faults FDA on Food Safety
from The Washington Post
President Obama had critical words for the Food and Drug Administration in the midst of a massive recall of peanut products linked to a nationwide outbreak of salmonella illness that has killed eight people and sickened another 550. "I think the FDA has not been able to catch some of these things as quickly as I expect them to catch them, so we're going to be doing a complete review of FDA operations," Obama said. More

New York Law a Hurdle for Supplement Manufacturers
from the Vitamin Retailer Magazine
The New York State Assembly is to amend its agriculture and markets law to require dietary and nutritional supplement manufacturers to label products as tested or untested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to The New York State website maintains that some manufacturers choose to have their products tested by the FDA and others do not. More

Tips and Trends

Fish Oil Nearly as Popular as Multivitamins
Among people who use dietary supplements, fish oil supplements are nearly as popular as multivitamins, according to a recent survey by, which also publishes test reports on supplements. The survey is based on responses collected in November from six thousand supplement users who receive the company's e-newsletter. More

Cut Pay, Not People
from The Wall Street Journal
Recently a handful of high-profile executives have agreed to give up their bonuses, including the CEOs of Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The Big Three auto CEOs also offered to accept $1 salaries. FedEx has announced plans to cut senior executive pay by between 7.5 percent and 20 percent, and U.S. nonunion salaried employee pay by 5 percent. But these pay cuts should only be the tip of the iceberg. More employers could – and should − be cutting pay more broadly. More

Top 10 Insider Secrets for Motivating a Multi-Generational Team
from Manage Smarter
It's not easy motivating and recognizing the age diversity of employees in today's workforce. From entry-level Gen-Ys to seniors, the four generations of co-workers can be challenging to motivate, especially if you only have one uniform program. So, how can you keep each generation engaged and motivated? Learn from these insider secrets and stay ahead in retaining your multi-generational team. More

Silliker Inc.

Research Watch

Vitamin D Tied to Muscle Power in Adolescent Girls
from Science Daily
Vitamin D is significantly associated with muscle power and force in adolescent girls, according to a new study. Although vitamin D is naturally produced in the body through exposure to direct sunlight, vitamin D deficiency has become widely common in the United States. Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to have a significant negative impact on muscle and bone health, and can lead to conditions including osteoporosis and rickets. More

Herbal Tea Ingredient Helps Beetle-plagued Trees
from The Associated Press
Would a dose of herbal tea slow the march of beetles killing millions of acres of pine trees across the West? Sort of. But instead of brewing up a cup, U.S. Forest Service scientists found that sprinkling tiny flakes containing the pheromone verbenone over lodgepole pine forests cut the number of trees attacked by bark beetles by two-thirds. More

Chemists Shed Light on Health Benefits of Garlic
from Science Daily
Researchers have widely believed that the organic compound, allicin – which gives garlic its aroma and flavor – acts as the world's most powerful antioxidant. But until now it hasn't been clear how allicin works, or how it stacks up compared to more common antioxidants such as Vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, which stop the damaging effects of radicals. More

Going, Going…Green

Green Technology Uses Radio Frequency Heating to Kill Flour Pathogens
from FoodProductionDaily
A new roll-out from U.S. company Radio Frequency seeks to control pathogens in flour through an energy-saving macrowave pasteurisation system that also minimises the heat impact on the bulk food material. An alternative to carbon producing heating techniques, the firm's macrowave bulk pasteurisation system uses a high frequency electric field to kill microbes. More

Green Your Shower Curtain
from The Daily Green
Know that familiar smell when you open the package and unfold a new vinyl shower curtain? Choose a natural fabric, such as cotton (organic if you can find it) or bamboo, for your next shower curtain and liner. More

Green by Nature™ is an all natural bath and body care line, created with you and the environment in mind. Visit for more!

To Your Health

Is Crystalline Fructose a Better Choice of Sweetener?
from The Los Angeles Times
Diligent readers of food and beverage labels may have noticed an increasingly common ingredient in some health and energy drinks: crystalline fructose. To some, the ingredient is a reassuring sign that the product hasn't been sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that's been falling out of consumer favor over concerns of a disputed link to obesity and diabetes. Others, however, may have found themselves wondering what, exactly, is crystalline fructose? And is it really any different from high fructose corn syrup? More

Winter is the Wrong Time to Overlook Fruit's Frozen Assets
from The Washington Post
For folks living in the mid-Atlantic region, a banana's a banana any time of year. It looks and tastes about the same − and offers the same package of nutrients − whether you peel it in May or December. More

Broccoli and Cabbage’s Anticancer Benefits Probed
from The New York Times
Dr. Thomas R. Frieden invited some of the biggest names in food processing to lunch last October. Grilled salmon and green salad were on the menu, but the subject was salt. After a string of victories over smoking, trans fats and calories, Frieden, the commissioner of New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, is waging a new campaign: to lower the amount of sodium America eats. More


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Product Showcases

Product Showcase: Nature’s Dog by Canus

Goat’s milk is a natural solution for our canine companions too. That’s why Canus created Nature’s Dog all-natural dog products. The new line of products includes a goat’s milk shampoo and soap bar, alcohol free goat’s milk wipes and all-natural health treats rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Go to

Product Showcase: ProDHA

Nordic Naturals ProDHA is an excellent way to ensure adequate intake of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for brain, visual, and nervous system function. ProDHA is encapsulated in small, easy-to-swallow, 500 mg soft gels, and provides 50% DHA and 10% EPA. Perfect for adults and children over 7 years of age, and for pregnant and nursing women, ProDHA is available in both unflavored soft gels and great-tasting, natural strawberry-flavored soft gels, while providing the same industry-leading purity and freshness as all Nordic Naturals products. Visit

Product Showcase: ALEXA PAINTS 100% natural products for blemish prone skin

Concentrated non-irritating moisturizer made from plant extracts; containing amino acids, vitamins, minerals, stimulating elastin, collagen, keratin providing healing properties for inflamed skin. Mask of Illite clay, (not inferior French clay) Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Sea Kelp. Roll-on "blemish buster" targeting pimples; quickening healing process & preventing discoloration. Visit

Service Showcase: 3LINX - Bi-Coastal Order Fulfillment Solution

3LINX provides reliable and cost-saving order fulfillment (pick/pack/ship) and logistics services to manufacturers and retailers in the natural products industry. Our bi-coastal distribution centers located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas, Nevada, ship orders later at significant freight savings, all with real-time visibility online. Call 610.391.3100 or visit 3LINX.COM for a no obligation analysis.

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