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May 21, 2009
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News Spotlight

Food Companies are Placing the Onus for Safety on Consumers
from The New York Times
Increasingly, the corporations that supply Americans with processed foods are unable to guarantee the safety of their ingredients. Other companies do not even know who is supplying their ingredients, let alone if those suppliers are screening the items for microbes and other potential dangers, interviews and documents show. More    E-mail article


NPA News

Natural MarketPlace 2009 Alert: Retail Intensive -- Relevant Training for Your Store
from Natural Products Association
Attending Natural MarketPlace in July? Take part in an all-day workshop bringing together experts and peers to guide retailers toward more efficient operations and a better bottom line, even in today's tough economic times. This valuable training is free for Natural MarketPlace participants, so register today. More    E-mail article

Are You Ready? GMP Course Offered During Natural MarketPlace
from Natural Products Association
The Natural Products Association will be offering an advanced course on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) good manufacturing practices (GMPs) Wednesday, July 8 and Thursday, July 9 at Natural MarketPlace 2009. The one-and-a-half day course is designed for companies with a good understanding of current industry GMPs and will be relevant for anyone whose job responsibility requires a comprehensive understanding of the FDA GMP rule for dietary supplements, including management, regulatory affairs, QA/QC, production and laboratory personnel. More    E-mail article


Federal Focus

Obama's U.S. FDA Pick Wins Senate Clearance
from Reuters
The U.S. Senate voted to confirm Dr. Margaret Hamburg to run the Food and Drug Administration, the agency that oversees a vast array of products from foods to prescription drugs and medical devices. Hamburg has pledged to restore confidence in the FDA after accusations that officials placed politics ahead of science during the George W. Bush administration and were slow to respond to food contamination and drug safety problems. More    E-mail article

FDA Publishes Comments on Proposed Electronic AER Collection System
from the Food and Drug Administration
The Food and Drug Administration has launched the development and implementation of MedWatch\Plus\ Portal, a new electronic system for collecting, submitting and processing adverse event reports (AERs) and other safety information for all FDA-regulated products. The FDA requests that faxed comments on the collection of information be delivered to them by June 19, 2009. The notice was published in the May 20 Federal Register. Read the announcement here.     E-mail article

Bill Would Guarantee up to Seven Paid Sick Days
from New York Times
A long-stalled effort to guarantee American workers paid sick days takes a big step forward Monday with the introduction of legislation by Congressional Democrats. The proposal went nowhere during the presidency of George W. Bush, but as a senator and then a presidential candidate, Barack Obama backed it, and Michelle Obama embraced the idea last week in a talk to business leaders. More    E-mail article

Service Showcase:
3LINX - Save 20-60% on Order Fulfillment. Free No Obligation Analysis

3LINX provides reliable and cost-saving order fulfillment (pick/pack/ship) and logistics services to manufacturers and retailers in the natural products industry. Our bi-coastal distribution centers are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas. Ship orders later at significant freight savings, all with real-time visibility online. Call 610.391.3100 or visit 3LINX.COM for a no obligation analysis.

Tips and Trends

N.Y.C. Mayor Bloomberg Launches Plan to Entice Grocers to Expand Businesses
from New York Daily News
The New York City’s dangling a big carrot in front of grocers - tax breaks and zoning changes - to encourage them to open or expand in neighborhoods where fresh food is hard to find. The program, announced by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will target areas short on supermarkets, including central Brooklyn, the South Bronx, upper Manhattan and downtown Jamaica. More    E-mail article

California Announces CIC’s Prop 65 Index of Comments
from California EPA’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
An index of comments on chemicals to be considered for prioritization by the California Carcinogen Identification Committee is now available on the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) Web site. Click here to read it. More    E-mail article

Strategies: Which Social Networking Site is Best for your Small Business?
from USA Today
Follow me on Twitter. Join my Facebook group. Link to me on LinkedIn. See my video on YouTube. In the olden days – say five years ago – it was enough for a small business to market its services with advertising and public relations. More    E-mail article

How to Sell More Than a Product
from BusinessWeek
Don't sell products. Sell an "experience." One entrepreneur even added the word "experience" to his company's vision. When former Cold Stone Creamery CEO Doug Ducey set a goal to grow the then-fledgling brand from 74 stores to 1,000, he told franchise owners that the world would know the brand as "the ultimate ice cream experience." If you've been to a Cold Stone, you may have seen the experience it provides—clerks who sing for tips. More    E-mail article

Product Showcase:
Is your family Vitamin D deficient?

Our bodies can make vitamin D3, but only when our skin is exposed to sunlight under the proper conditions. This production is dependent on the season, where we live and the time of day. Even using sunscreen drastically reduces the body’s production of vitamin D. Medical studies continue to show the importance of adequate vitamin D intake for good health. Drops provide concentrated vitamin D3 in just one drop. Convenient, taste-free drops are an easy way to ensure you and your family receive the vitamin D you need. More

Research Watch

More Cancer Treatments Focus on Food to Combat Weight Loss
from USA Today
The statistic is shocking: Severe malnutrition and weight loss play a role in at least one in five cancer deaths. Yet nutrition too often is an afterthought until someone's already in trouble. A move is on to change that, from hospitals that hire fancy gourmet chefs to the American Cancer Society's dietitians-on-call phone service. More    E-mail article

Ginger Found to Ease Nausea of Cancer Treatment
from The New York Times
Grandma was right when she recommended ginger for an upset stomach — at least for cancer patients. A randomized clinical trial has confirmed what many people suspect — that ginger can decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy. The effect goes beyond that provided by standard anti-vomiting drugs. More    E-mail article

Intensive Nutrition

Going, Going…Green

Durability Tops Survey of Green Building Features
from Environmental Leader
U.S. architects say durability is the most important attribute for a “green” building product, according to an industry survey. Other key green features include ENERGY STAR compliance, life-cycle assessment, no- or low-volatile organic compound content and the ability to source products regionally. More     E-mail article

The Next Big Thing in Wind: Slow Wind, Huge Turbines
from CNET
With politicians pushing adoption of renewable energy in the United States and Europe, the last few years have seen a surge in plans for wind farms--both on land and sea. But wind power isn't viable everywhere--and prime coastal spots are often already developed. So some wind-turbine makers are shifting their focus toward building bigger wind turbines that can harvest the lower-speed winds that are more readily available. This next generation of wind turbines is no small matter: their rotors have a diameter the size of a football field. More     E-mail article

To Your Health

Almonds may Boost Immune Function
from Reuters
Lab experiments indicate that almonds have the potential to boost immune health and reduce inflammation, according to research reported this week at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Philadelphia. More    E-mail article

Beauty Foods: What You Eat as Important as Makeup, Skin Products
from Newsday
The best way to look healthy and attractive may not be inside a $100 jar of cream or under a surgeon's knife. Rather, what you put on your plate may be just as important as what you put on your skin. An increasing number of studies and clinical trials are underlining the importance of "beauty foods" − super-nourishing fruits, vegetables, nuts, teas and other everyday foods that may replace a trip to the spa with a stop at the neighborhood grocery store. More    E-mail article

Product Showcases

Product Showcase: ProOmega Junior

Nordic Naturals Balanced Omega Combination is a GLA formula made from evening primrose oil, balanced with the omega-3s EPA and DHA from fish oil. Recommended by doctors and health care practitioners as part of a regime to ease hormonal symptoms such as PMS, mood swings, and related skin afflictions, Balanced Omega Combination promotes production of the beneficial prostaglandin PGE1. An ideal formula for women’s health, Balanced Omega Combination delivers the same industry-leading purity, freshness, and great taste that you’ve come to expect from Nordic Naturals. Visit

Product Showcase: OptiCLA

Just one scoop, once a day for maximum fat loss. OptiCLA, a revolutionary weight loss product, is the most concentrated, bioavailable form of CLA on the market today. This ultra-concentrated powdered Clarinol conjugated linoleic acid promotes fat loss and inhibits fat storage but unlike other forms of CLA, causes no stomach upset or discomfort. Just one scoop versus 8 pills.

Dynamic Health

Jarrow Formulas

TCCD International

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