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Tips from the Tool Guy

I'm Andy, "The Tool Guy." In 1999, I became part of the Tools Division at Stuller, Inc. Since then, I've been the guy people talk to when they need the right tool for a job. Any job! Now I want to be the guy you talk to when you need something.

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Because Retail is the Next Step

Experts say the pawn industry is becoming more retail focused. But, hey, don't take my word for it; listen to some of your fellow pawnbrokers.

"Due to the spike in precious metal prices, jewelry has become an avenue to sell new merchandise. Silver gives the customers the price point they need. My fellow pawnbrokers often don't realize how easy it is to sell new merchandise."
Kevin McDonald, Big Daddy's Pawn

"As a pawnbroker, I feel that retail could be the next big thing in pawn. I have always incorporated new and pre-owned merchandise in my store to offer my customers variety."
Brett Mastroianni, East Coast Jewelry

Learn how Stuller can help you become a part of this retail trend.
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Price Point Jewelry - Our extensive product line gives you access to a variety of jewelry so you can meet any customer's needs. Click here to find great options in silver jewelry.

Tools - We are already your main source for the most reliable and popular tools, such as scales (51-4072), diamond testers (56-7711), and polishing cloths (17-0788).

Services - Let us be your bench jeweler by taking the hassle out of setting and selling jewelry. Loose-stone setting lets you send in a stone and have it set in one of our popular mountings. We set it; you sell it.

We know that the holidays are over, but that means your busy tax season is just starting. Shop with us and stock up on merchandise that you can sell when your customers start using their tax refunds.

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That's all for today's tip. I'm Andy, the Tool Guy, and I'm in your corner.

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