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Stuller presents Tips from the Tool Guy

Tips from the Tool Guy

I'm Andy, "The Tool Guy." In 1999, I became part of the Tools Division at Stuller, Inc. Since then, I've been the guy people talk to when they need the right tool for a job. Any job! Now I want to be the guy you talk to when you need something.

Tip # 45: Quality Packaging to Wrap Up Sales.

Scenario: You just sold a Rolex.

When you sell a higher-priced item, that customer wants a quality send off instead of just being shown the door. Take special note of how luxury items leave your store so you don’t miss this important part of building better customer relationships.

Solution: Packed with Value

Item # 61-7155

If you want to really impress your big spending customers, add value to their purchase with a lacquered, cherry-wood finished watch box with a soft white leatherette interior.

Stuller offers a huge selection of jewelry packaging, from necklace boxes for pearl strands or single-ring boxes for that special gift. All these will suit your style and more importantly, are at a price point to suit your budget.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Listen to what someone on the frontlines has to say:

Steve Rogers, Wellston Pawn
“We want our customers to know that we appreciate their business. We have engineers, attorneys and many other professionals who shop with us, and as a way of making them feel valued, we place their items in a package representative of the quality of their purchase. It adds a little something special to their shopping experience.”

Other Great Solutions

Crystal Clear Cut Single Ring Box

Black Velvet Pouches


Gold Linen Cotton Filled Boxes

Item # 61-7135 Item # 61-6784   Item # 61-7079

Stuller carries packaging at many different price points to fit your needs. Go to to see our large selection of leatherette cufflink boxes, veltex earring boxes, cotton-lined bracelet boxes, and magnetic ring boxes, as well as much more. You’ll also find an assortment of anti-tarnish bags, jewelry rolls, and gift-wrapping.

Let Stuller help you prepare for your busy time, tax season. To receive more tips like this one, and to learn all that Stuller has to offer…

or call Sara at 337.262.7700 ext. 3608

Until next time, I’m Andy, "the Tool Guy," in your corner.

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