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Simple Fix Findings
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Simple Fix Findings
The solution for your small, loose stone inventory


Climbing metal market prices are pushing more and more customers wanting to sell their jewelry into your shop. You purchase the pieces, scrap the metal and make a nice profit. But now, you have loose diamonds and gemstones- what are your plans for these?


Simple Fix Findings. These settings provide a quick and easy way to resell loose diamonds and gemstones. Just place the loose stone face down (cutlet pointing upward) and push the Simple Fix Finding onto the stone. It should effortlessly snap into place and just like that, you'll have a finished piece of jewelry ready for your showcase. Simple Fix Findings are available in Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold earring or pendant settings. They can be purchased individually or in a kit. So, get snapping!

The Specifics:

A. Simple Fix Earring Kit

  • $320 at $1,900 gold
  • 228 - 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver pieces
  • Organizer kit included

B. Simple Fix Earring and Pendant Kit

  • $620 at $1,900 gold
  • 307 - 14kt yellow gold andsterling silver pieces
  • Organizer kit included

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