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See you at Pawn Expo 2014


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National Pawnbrokers Association Pawn Expo
Las Vegas | July 8-10, 2014

We hope to see you at this year's Pawn Expo. Stop by our booths, 500-506,
and see the tools and equipment Stuller offers to help you grow your business.

We'll be showcasing new, updated and bestselling products featuring the latest
in innovative technology and designed to save you time and money.

Some items include:

Reliable i500A Jewelry
Steam Cleaner

A small, yet powerful steam cleaner that deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture. And since tap water is the only ingredient required, this steamer is safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. 15-1110

Reliable i500A Jewelry Steam Cleaner 15-1110

Durston Ring Stretcher and Reducer 48-7512

Durston Ring Stretcher
and Reducer

This precision machine features an eight-spline mandrel and 12 polished countersunk dies ensuring accurate ring sizing. 48-7512

Carat and Gram Scale

This fully automatic scale gives a fast response with a highly stable reading in multiple units - ct, gm, pcs and ect.

Carat and Gram Scale 51-2106

Best Built 15-Watt Tumbler or Bowl 47-5041

Best Built 15-Watt Tumbler or Bowl

Cut down on polishing time with this tumbler. These machines help to polish those intricate pieces where normal polishing techniques just aren't enough. 47-5041

GemOro AuRACLE® AGT3 Digital Gold and Platinum Tester

This tester is the ultimate verification instrument for gold and platinum testing. It has exceptional precision, is simple to use and provides accurate results in both digital karat value and gold percentage in seconds. 56-7618

GemOro AuRACLE AGT3 Digital Gold and Platinum Tester

Don't miss out on our show specials or the opportunity
to demo any of the items in the booth. See you soon!



7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Ste. 800, Irving, TX 75063