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We would be grateful to be invited to bid on your next project that requires a steel building solution.

BUILDINGS FOR ENERGY is the commercial project division of Future Buildings and TORO Steel Buildings – a convenient, one-stop source for any prefabricated steel building or roofing system.

Take a look now and bookmark us for later!

Future Buildings and TORO Steel formed a unique division that offers our clients the benefits of structural solutions in either the ARCH DESIGN or the STRAIGHT WALL FORMAT. Therefore, we are proud to say there isn’t any structural solution we cannot provide.

Our teams can engineer and manufacture any style steel building - for any application –in any size - to ship anywhere in the world.

Let us prove our services and products are the answer for you. Allow us to submit an estimate for your next steel building project.

Please visit us at where you can send us your project details for:

  • Storage
  • Garages
  • Equipment and Tool Sheds
  • Maintenance Shops
  • Site Caps
  • Conveyor Covers
  • Well Shelters and Roofing Systems
  • Personnel Facilities

You can also contact us directly by emailing inquiries to

We thank you so much for inviting us to bid on your projects and we look forward to working with you.

The Project Management Team

7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Ste. 800, Irving, TX 75063