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March 16, 2009
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Retail Bakers of America Introduces the RBA NewsBrief to Keep Industry Professionals Informed

Dear ##FirstName##,

The Retail Bakers of America announces that it has partnered with MultiBriefs to create the new RBA NewsBrief. Beginning March 23, this free, opt-out e-mail resource will provide comprehensive weekly news briefings of the week’s top industry stories.

Each edition of the RBA NewsBrief contains articles gathered from an expansive list of sources, including The Associated Press, USA Today, The New York Times, RBA Headquarters, and leading industry publications. Therefore, the RBA NewsBrief is a great way to stay informed. Plus, it can be easily read in your office, home, or via your mobile phone or PDA.

"RBA understands the need to bring timely, relevant, industry information to its members," states Aleksandra Syska, Director of Member Relations and Communications. "There are many news sources available to them, so in an effort to conserve time and bring to their attention important issues, we are pleased to present this convenient news resource."

Want to see more? Here are some examples of the articles that will appear in the RBA NewsBrief.

A Touch of Frosting: How Britain Became Smitten with American Cupcakes
from The Independent
Mrs. Beeton would be turning in her grave. Her sensible muffins, crumpets and tea cakes and loaves studded with dates and raisins have been staple bakery favourites since 1861, when her seminal Book of Household Management began teaching Britons how to live "economically, tastefully and well." More

Cute as a Cupcake Cake Balls Latest Trend in Desserts
from The Journal of New England Technology
During the Christmas holidays, the author was introduced to something called cake balls. They turned up at just about every party or gathering she attended. More

With Its Specialty Products, East Hartford Bakery Thriving
from The Hartford Courant
When the price of milk and wheat soared last spring because of rising fuel costs, Michael Smulders, founder of Bakery on Main in East Hartford, Conn., barely noticed. The commercial bakery, which makes wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free organic granolas and snacks, was not affected by those price increases. More

A Day in the Life of a Baker
from The Watch Newspaper
Wheat has been cultivated since before recorded history. In fact, bread was being made 8,000 years ago! The trade of the baker is one of the oldest crafts in the world. More

4 Stimulus Plan Tax Perks for Businesses
from SmallBiz
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (better known as the Stimulus Act) includes a laundry list of tax changes, including four provisions that will be very helpful for many small to medium-sized businesses. Here’s the scoop. More

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Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales

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